You Know You're Addicted to Korean Culture When You Start Doing These Things

Do you have an entire pantry full of K-snacks for midnight munchies?

( There’s no denying the impact of Korean culture in the Philippines. And because it’s touched so many aspects of everyday life—from entertainment, food, fashion, and even beauty routines—spotting a fan is easy. Here are some signs that might indicate you’re obsessed with all things Korean:


You binge-watch K-dramas over getting enough sleep.

Because the endings are always bitin and you have to know what comes next.


Your beauty regimen mainly uses Korean products.

You might also be doing the 10-step skincare routine.


You pose with finger hearts.

You’ve even taught your parents and grandparents how to do it.


You LOVE Korean food.

From bibimbap to chapchae, to countless other delicious goodies in between.


You prefer Korean oppas over Hollywood celebs.

Jason and Brad who?


You kinda understand Korean.

Your knowledge goes beyond the usual annyeonghaseyo and saranghaeyo.


And even if you don’t, you’re still a huge fan of K-pop.

You might have even memorized entire songs!


You want to visit (or have visited) South Korea.

Nami Island in autumn? Yes, please!


Thanks to the popularity of Korean products, style, and cuisine here in the Philippines, you can still enjoy K-culture to the fullest without ever needing to hop on a plane.



And when it comes to Korean eats, one budget-friendly option is BonChon’s Crispy Mandu, aka Korean dumplings. For just P75, you can get four handmade, deep-fried chicken dumplings topped with one of BonChon’s signature sauces, and piled on a bed of Seoul fried rice. It’s easy on the wallet, but filling and satisfying—winner!


Crispy Mandu is available in all BonChon branches nationwide, and it can be upgraded with soup and drinks. For more on this dish and other offerings, follow BonChon on Facebook.

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