10 Things You Didn't Know About Parokya ni Edgar

Dinzo Tabamo of Top Gear Magazine, volunteered to be the band's roadie/chauffeur before and after one gig. Here's what their snoopy tsuper found out.

parokya-main Churning out hit after hit for almost two decades yet never losing their signature brand of musical melody and Pinoy wit, Parokya ni Edgar has enjoyed–and survived–the intrusive kind of fame Filipinos love to bestow upon celebrities. But hidden from public scrutiny are the odd bits of info that give a special insight into the characters and personalities that make up this enduring group. As the saying goes, it's the little things that matter sometimes. Top Gear staff writer Dinzo Tabamo, volunteered to be their roadie/chauffeur before and after one gig. Here's what their snoopy tsuper found out: 1. They like cute cars. Chito Miranda, Buwi Meneses and Darius Semaña used to own Volkswagen Beetles. Now, they each own a Honda Jazz (not very rock 'n roll). Chito sold his Beetle to Darius for one peso. They have a notarized deed of sale to prove it. 2. They like skin and ass. A chicken's, that is. When in Cebu, they make it a point to eat at Larshan, a not-so-clean barbecue place near Fuente Osmeña, where they gorge on chicken skin barbecue, chicken ass, gizzard, liver and "puso" (rice wrapped in banana leaves). Chito also loves Korean food. 3. They're taken by Tekken 2. All of them are experts. Dindin Moreno's gamer tag on Xbox Live is "Mang Jose". Chito's PlayStation Network ID is "sittingduck". PnE also plays Texas Hold 'Em on the Sony PSP's Multiplayer ADHOC Network, betting real money on it. 4. Can you say Peter Pan? Chito collects toys–mostly action figures from DC Direct and Marvel. Gab Chee Kee collects comic books. Darius collects vintage toys like the original Transformers, Masters of the Universe, and super robots (Voltes V and Daimos). 5. They like to watch. PnE loves watching WWE and UFC. Vinci Montaner, Gab and Dindin faithfully watch the games of the Ateneo Blue Eagles during the UAAP Season. 6. Join lang ng join. Dindin is a four-time winner of Pilipinas, Game Ka Na Ba? Buwi auditioned for Pinoy Survivor, but didn't make it. 7.You can be their friend. All PnE members have personal Facebook accounts. Chito gets much of his information from his barber Jun. 8. They all click. Most PnE member are getting into photography. Gab has even assisted on a few Top Gear shoots. 9. They bond in silence. They've been on the road together so much, they've run out of stories and jokes to tell each other, so these days, they say: "Tulog at tsongki na lang." 10. Where the boys are/were: Vinci goes to Fiamma, Embassy, Capones and Tribu. Chito used to hang out in Jaloux Disco on Quezon Avenue. Dindin was inside the old Virra Mall in Greenhills when it burned down, and he was also at Ozone Disco when it was gutted down by fire. He swears he didn't have a part in either of the two incidents. For the full story, check out Top Gear's Rock 'N' Roll Issue this May. Photo by Alfred Mendoza for Top Gear.
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