Sad Movies Always Make Me Cry

you-change-my-lifeAh, the Love Team. What a great show biz creation, hard to match in cheesiness and popularity. Remember Guy and Pip? Hilda and Boyet? Lot-lot and Monching? My favorite love team of all time is Gloria Romero and Luis Gonzales, who were stars back when Filipino films were in black and white, when dialogue was pure and eloquent and characters were elegantly authentic. Sadly, words like elegant and eloquent can no longer be used to describe the Love Teams of Today–certainly not Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz in You Changed My Life. I've never been a fan of John Lloyd's watery preppy boy charm, although I used to be really into preppy boys. Sarah–a legit pop star in her own right–is difficult to watch on screen. For some inexplicable reason, in the movie she wears a disastrous wig that makes her look like a cross between a poodle and Kimora Lee's gawky and un-fabulous younger sister. (John Lloyd meanwhile wore black Wayfarers, which didn't look too hot against his pasty–oops I meant mestizo complexion.) And yet, the fans love them. I'm sure there's something wrong with me because the numbers don't lie. I'll have you know that You Changed My Life is a super top grossing movie. That should shut me up but it won't. You Changed My Life is the sequel to the equally lame A Very Special Love where John Lloyd plays a slightly obnoxious (yet tenderhearted) rich boy Miggy, while Sarah plays the innocent and worshipful Laida, still wearing a strange wig. Go figure. There are more of the usual tricks: lots of cheesy one-liners, some old jokes, a Sarah-generated theme song, and the obligatory crying scene (watch Sarah for over two minutes pretend cry with her wig flapping in the breeze). And while the romantic leads bored me to tears, I was happy to see an amazing supporting cast: the luminous Irma Adlawan as Sarah's kindly mom; Dante Rivero who is still handsome after all this time; Beverly Salviejo and her comedic prowess; and even Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworksi in a charming turn as a socialite/businesswoman. There's also Matet de Leon–as in Nora's adopted daughter and the aforementioned Lot-lot's little sister–who is surprisingly easy to watch. And what about that Bernard Palanca, kind of out of place in this movie swanning around in his sexy flat front pants and his coño kid accent. It's feel good flick but be warned: it's not super funny nor is it super romantic. There's no Big Kiss at the end, only an approximation of a kiss, ridiculously unreal and completely escapist. Despite all this, it wasn't all that bad because I don't really care to see John Lloyd and Sarah sucking face. Also, I have nothing against unreal and escapist, just cheese ball lines and bad wigs. They should have called this movie You Changed My Hair instead.
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