’s 30 Most Memorable Sawi Lines

Forlorn, crushed, heartbroken to the point of's all here.

( Singles Awareness Day-that’s another way of looking at Valentine’s Day. The so-called season of love could easily be the season of remembering the one who got away before you could kill him, the woman who broke up with you via SMS, the man who only looked good on paper, the girl with someone else’s name tattoed on her arm, and so on. Certainly, the cast of heartbreakers and ballbusters-in both the reel scene and the real world-is infinite.


So while those who are comfortably coupled are still savoring the afterglow of Cupid’s spell, we think it’s just apt to touch base with those who wanted nothing to do with the mushiest day of the year. And who better to tell us about heartbreak than Sharon, John Lloyd, Maricel, and company?


We listed 30 of local cinema’s most memorable gut-wrenching lines that portray being sawi in oh-so-dramatic fashion-covering enraged statements, tearful outbursts, pathetic pleas, and what-not. Learn from these killer words wrought from Pinoy cinema.



The best heart-wrenching sawi lines in Pinoy cinema. Click for more. wants to know: What’s your favorite sawi line of all time?


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