10 Observations from the Season Premiere of It Takes Gutz to Be a Gutierrez

We had enough guts to watch it. Did you?


The teaser for the show.



(SPOT.ph) Calling this show by its actual name will take some getting used to: It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez. It’s almost certain that at one point-maybe last week or in a few months' time-you'll call it Keeping Up with the Gutierrezes, because (1) it's based on a similar characterful family with a hit nine-season reality series, (2) because all the words in the latter are spelled correctly.


It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez, stars the "main" Gutierrez clan: Eddie as the submissive patriarch, Annabelle as the tough momager, the twins Richard and Raymond in their latest project together since 1992's Takbo Talon Tili!, and Ruffa as the darling daughter tailed by her own two tween girls.


We gave up 30 minutes of our life to watch its season premiere yesterday, June 1, at 9 p.m. on E!, just to see how things would pan out for the country's first reality TV show family, and here are 10 things we learned (or didn't) from the first episode. Did they show gutz? Read on to find out.



1. Ruffa is actually pretty funny.

Whether it’s the work of a writer or Ruffa herself, the former Beauty Queen holds nothing back when introducing her family. She describes her mother as "having big boobs" and  Raymond as "chubby." "He would always be Richard's stunt double when he's filming a movie. They would say, 'You can play dead Richard.’" She also reveals that she used to be short until she got her period and had a growth spurt.

The way Ruffa talks, it’s hard to tell whether she’s trying to be Kim Kardashian or Kimora Lee Simmons.


2. The family converses in English.

Except for Annabelle and the brief moment when Ruffa orders a pizza, the dialogue, voiceovers, and commentary are in English. Just like any other normal Filipino family, which the entire cast keeps repeating throughout the episode. "We're an ordinary family."


3. There was a day when they were the only customers in Todd English.

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One scene has Ruffa, Raymond, and Richard having a meal at Todd English Food Hall, a sprawling, bustling restaurant in SM Aura styled like a high-end cafeteria. The siblings are the only customers in the estimated 700-square-meter space, and the waiter on location isn't quite ready for his close-up.

Later, Ruffa also eats at Las Flores with friends where they plan her imaginary wedding.


4. Vicki Belo makes a cameo.

Ruffa makes a trip to Dr. Vicki Belo to have a facial acupuncture. The scene lasts for about five seconds.


5. Sony has a lot of gadgets.

Richard receives two big boxes from Sony and they test the technological giant's tablets, cameras, and phones. He even takes a selfie with one phone and the image immediately transfers to the TV screen.

6. No fighting!

The Kardashians are infamous for their hyperbolized brawls, but it was refreshing to see no one throwing things and exchanging heated conversations in this local shoutout. That might soon change, however. The teaser for the next episode shows Ruffa tearing up, Richard walking out, and Eddie yelling.



7. Yilmaz Bektas is erased, but not forgotten.

Ruffa discusses her failed marriage with Yilmaz Bektas, the father of her two children. They show several images from their formerly happy relationship and wedding, but with her ex's face blurred out. It could be the legalities of their separation, but it's not like people don’t know what Yilmaz looks like. Or don’t have Google.

8. The show is about Ruffa and not Annabelle.

Annabelle is the scene-stealer, but not the star. As expected, the feisty matriarch forgets to wear her filter, describing the beginnings of her relationship with Eddie and how she wanted to be pregnant with his child so that he would marry her. One of her quips-"He didn't even invite me to have sex with him"-is one of the few funny instances on the show.

The first episode pretty much follows Ruffa going about her day.



9. Richard drops the bomb.

In the last minute of the show and after stalling for most of the episode, Richard finally confirms that he is a proud parent with girlfriend Sarah Lahbati. They even broadcast photos of Sarah pregnant, along with pictures of them pushing a stroller together. The announcement was 29 minutes too late.

If you can't tell Raymond from Richard (apart from their shirt size), Raymond is actually more eloquent and Richard's eyes are deeper set.


10. Thirty minutes is actually a long time.

There, we said it.


It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez airs on Sundays, 9 p.m., on the E! Network.

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