Thoughts on the Last Five Seconds of the 50 Shades of Grey Trailer

This is surprisingly pretty safe for work


( The Twilight fanfiction-turned-best selling novel-turned film has a trailer! The first minute and 56 seconds were filled with boring talk, made more bearable by Beyonce’s "Crazy in Love" remix. But when the clip hit the 1:57 mark-flashes of erotic imagery without nudity! Gasp!


It’s a long wait until the official release of 50 Shades of Grey (Valentine’s Day 2015, for all you lovers and non-lovers engaging in kinky stuff) but it seems to be something we could get excited about. The last five seconds reveal some safe-for-work naughty things.


But first, here’s your Christian Grey:



Here’s your Anastasia Steele:




Here’s Christian Grey without a shirt, for good measure:



And now...the last five seconds, frame by frame:


Is Hey, we want gold lining for our leather cuffs. Also, what are you doing at this point? If you’re doing it standing up, hold her torso or thighs or hips. For maximum...effect.



Is that a tickler? Please, no. Not the tickler! (Because that can’t be a flogger. Unless that’s a tail. Is that a tail?)


Why is her pinky up?



Huy, higpitan mo naman!


If you can still arch your back, you’re not tied up right. We’re assuming that this is not your O-face. Because this is not the O-face from a BDSM session...but hey, you seem to be enjoying. Carry on. Stay safe!

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