The Gallery of Ugly From Pinoy TV

...or how to be ugly on TV, according to telenovelas.


( Makeup can do wonders to your face...but wonder goes both ways. It can be "you look wonderful today" and it can also leave people wondering "what the hell happened?"


Making pretty people...oh, how do we stay politically correct...uh, less conventionally attractive seems to be a hobby for stylists. Some time ago, Anne Curtis put on a fat suit and Jennifer Aniston had some gunk put on her face. The result? Well, it looks like Anne Curtis put on a fat suit and Jennifer Aniston has some stuff on her face she might consider wiping off. They kind of still look hella pretty.


We shall now proceed to the sentence that begins with everyone’s favorite interjection: But maybe it’s a metaphor? Perhaps, we’re really all just as pretty deep, deep, deep, deep down inside. A few scrubs here and there...and maybe a few hundred thousand pesos to spare for a surgery...and we too can be stunning? Does that sound right?


It’s hard to say if all these uglifications in TV and movies does society we rounded 10 local "unattractive" ducklings, to see what fiction deems unsightly. What do you guys think?

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