10 Songs for Your Workout Playlist

Tunes to give you the boost you need while burning those calories.


(SPOT.ph) Binge now, atone later. That’s pretty much the holiday mindset for most, and it’s totally understandable. Who can say no to good food served buffet-style in a party where everyone else has put their fitness routines on hold? But now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back to work. And since working out is so much better (sometimes even easier) with appropriate songs on full blast, we thought of creating this playlist. To help you lose those holiday pounds, we’ve put together a mix of good workout songs from recent years. Whether you’re a runner, a cyclist, or a CrossFit beast, we have something for you. Take a listen and have fun working up a sweat!


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Song: "Shake It Off"

Artist: Taylor Swift

Best for: Aerobics

Pump-up factor: This Tay-Tay hit has the perfect tempo for a classic group aerobic workout. Don’t believe us? Just check out the perfectly timed National Aerobic Championship Opening video above. We say go grab your tights and your workout buddies for a Swifties aerobics party.




Song: "Break Free"

Artist: Ariana Grande feat. Zedd

Best for: Running

Pump-up factor: "Break Free" has the right buildup that can guide you through your warm up, intervals, and cool down. Plus, the petite Ariana Grande can be a pretty good thinspiration.




Song: "Work B**tch"

Artist: Britney Spears


Best for: Pilates

Pump-up factor: Britney Spears won’t tolerate excuses. This track will make you get up early in the morning and get some serious workout done. Want to get rid of that muffin top? You better work, b**ch.




Song: "Zumba"

Artist: Don Omar

Best for: Zumba

Pump-up factor: Don’t mind those lyrics you can’t comprehend; what matters is the dance-y beat of this track. It’s especially made for Zumba workouts and comes with a music video you can dance along to.




Song: "Mind of a Beast"

Artist: The Glitch Mob

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Best for: CrossFit

Pump-up factor: Beast mode is the only way to go when doing CrossFit. This track matches the high-intensity workouts in bootcamp classes and WOD sessions. Push yourself to the limit with the help of this glitch track.




Song: "The Nights"

Artist: Avicii

Best for: Cycling

Pump-up factor: Cycling is so much better with a feel-good song playing in the background. Whether you’re riding around the city or through rough terrain, "The Nights" will add to that rush you feel as you pedal hard and feel the wind in your hair.




Song: "Fuck That"

Artist: Skrillex

Best for: Boxing

Pump-up factor: Burn calories, learn to throw punches, and release aggression to the tune of Skrillex’s "Fuck That." No song is more apt to play when you’re jabbing out of frustration because you just need to lose those extra pounds, stat!





Song: "Heroes (We Could Be)"

Artist: Alesso feat. Tove Lo

Best for: Circuit Training

Pump-up factor: This upbeat but controlled tune can help you get psyched for and concentrate on your circuit training. It goes well with the cardio and strength exercises you will need to accomplish in just 30 minutes.




Song: "0 to 100 / The Catch Up"

Artist: Drake

Best for: Strength training

Pump-up factor: Rev up your strength training from 0 to 100 as you listen to this song. It’s not a fast-paced tune, but you don’t really need that as you focus on pumping iron and toning your body.




Song: "Magic"

Artist: Coldplay

Best for: Yoga

Pump-up factor: Coldplay’s "Magic"can be an alternative to your traditional yoga music. It is slow-tempo and relaxing, so you can get your downward-facing dog on without any distractions.



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