13 1D Songs That Accurately Describe Zayn Girls’ Feelings Right Now

"You should probably stay, probably stay a couple more days / Come on let me change your ticket home"

(SPOT.ph) We get it. You’re heartbroken. Angry. Furious, even. But mostly you’re sad and in denial (please let it be an early April Fool’s prank) about Zayn quitting the One Direction On The Road Again tour two days before the Manila concert. Heck, you don’t even have to be a Zayn girl to be affected by all this-it isn’t One Direction if one of them is missing. Who’s going to gloriously hit the high notes? There are no words in all the languages combined to accurately describe how you’re feeling about this issue, so here are 10 songs by One Direction that best encapsulate your emotions (sort of).




"Moments" (2011)

Feels: "Don't wanna be without you, my judgment’s clouded like tonight’s sky / Hands are silent, voice is numb, try to scream out my lungs it makes this harder... And the tears stream down my face"





"Summer Love" (2012)

Feels: "Can’t believe you’re...packing your bags / Trying so hard not to cry"




"Half A Heart" (2013)

Feels: "And being here without you is like waking up to only half a blue sky / Kinda there but not quite / I’m walking around with just one shoe, I’m half a heart without you"




"You and I" (2013)

Feels: "Nothing can come between you and I / Not even the gods above can separate the two of us / No, nothing can come between you and I"




"Strong" (2013)

Feels: "’Cause when I’m not with you I’m weaker / Is that so wrong? / Is it so wrong that you make me strong?"




"Diana" (2013)

Feels: "Let me be the one to lift your heart up and save your life / I don’t think you even realize baby you’d be saving mine"







"Right Now" (2013)

Feels: "I’m feeling like right now I wish you were here with me / Cause right now everything is new to me / You know I can’t fight the feeling / And every night I feel it / Right now I wish you were here with me"




"Something Great" (2013)

Feels: "I want you here with me like how I pictured it / So I don’t have to keep imagining"




"Night Changes" (2014)

Feels: "Everything that you’ve ever dreamed of disappearing when you wake up / But there’s nothing to be afraid of even when the night changes / It will never change me and you"




"Spaces" (2014)

Feels: "Spaces between us keep getting deeper / It’s harder to reach you even though I try"




"Clouds" (2014)

Feels: "Someday you're gonna see the things that I see / You're gonna want the air that I breathe / You're gonna wish you never left me"





"Change Your Ticket" (2014)

Feels: "You should probably stay, probably stay a couple more days / Come on let me change your ticket home"




"Once In A Lifetime" (2014)

Feels: "When I close my eyes all the stars align / And you are by my side, you are by my side"


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