10 Gigs and Parties to Go to This Week: August 3 to 9

This week's must-see gigs, parties, events.


Wednesday, August 3



Why you should go: It's a Wednesday sing-along with a bunch of cherished indie songs that you probably downloaded on Soulseek or heard on your crush's mixes but don't always end up in the commercial karaoke song books. Think of it as Plus/Minus One!

Other details: Singing starts 8 p.m. Free entrance!


Thursday, August 4



Why you should go: Featuring a French-themed program, the Manila Syphony Orchestra will put on a maiden performance of Maurice Ravel's Mother Goose Suite, a symphony of five movements written originally for four (tiny) hands on the piano!

Other details: Concert starts open 6:30 p.m. For tickets, email concerts@ayalamuseum.org or call 759-8288.


Friday, August 5


Why you should go: If you believe that the music scene is worth fighting for, make sure to attend this event. It will be a night of comebacks, reconnections and a new start for all. The night features performances from Tanya Markova, Miles Experience, Subscapular, Kalixta, and more!

Other details: Doors open 8 p.m. Entrance is priced at P200.


Why you should go: Looking for new music? Indie Manila’s got you covered! Featuring performances by SINOSIKAT, Conscious & The Goodness, Loop PH, Hey It's Your Birthday, SIXX Music, and Coeli.

Other details: Gig starts 9 p.m. Entrance is P300.


Saturday, August 6



Why you should go: Don't miss the comeback of Final Round Promotions together with Ratboy Entertainment! Mabuhay ang OPM! With performances by Bad Hair Day, We Drive Fire, Dhruva Tara, Cincshift, Alcatraz, Hoodlum, and Giniling Festival.


Other details: Doors open 8 p.m. Get in for P150, inclusive of a free drink!


Why you should go: Attraction! Reaction! Presents Postcards from the Edge. Expect new music and old hits from Hey! It's Your Birthday, Ourselves the Elves, Hannah+Gabi, Eggboy, and Ang Bandang Shirley. Hannah+Gabi's "Too Much" music video will also debut at this event.

Other details: Gig starts 9 p.m. P250 entrance, inclusive of a bottle of beer.



Why you should go: No need to trade your pajamas for a party dress because it’s The Saturday Pajama Party! New school and hip-hop all night courtesy of Imperial Ice Bar’s resident and guest DJs.

Other details: Be there by 10 p.m. For inquiries and reservations, contact 0917-542-8831.



Why you should go: Another session of pure filth coming your way, this time brought to you by Clive Henry of Circoloco and Crosstown Rebels. Other players on the deck are Cinemassacre, Martin Lugtu, Raphael Carbonell and Pav Parrotte, plus Br3akingsilence on the Roof Deck.

Other details: Doors open at 11 p.m. P1,000 inclusive of one free drink if you get in before 2 a.m. and P1,250 inclusive of one free drink after 2 a.m. Call or text 0977-823-1197 for inquiries.


Monday, August 8



Why you should go: Start your week right! Enjoy Monday night mayhem at Deepsomnia with TIME resident and guest DJs.

Other details: Doors open 11 p.m. Call or text 0977-823-1197 for inquiries.


Tuesday, August 9



Why you should go: Another OPM Lives session by SonicLogo.TV awaits! Revive your love for independent music and all things local.


Other details: Gig starts 9 p.m. P150 entrance, with a free drink!

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