Top 10 Hottest Bald Men

Hairless hunks and sexy skinheads who score high on the hot-o-meter.

More than their complexion, more than their bank accounts, and about as much as their height, men are touchy about their hair. Receding hairlines and bald spots are treated like incurable rashes-they're covered up in caps, or banned from existence by hefty hair transplants and a good ol’ bottle of Minoxidil.

As wonderful as it is to run fingers through a man's luscious locks, it doesn't mean that men who lack hair lack appeal. We've put together a list of the sexiest skinheads and the hottest hairless hunks in the country, and if it's not enough to convince guys to dare to bare, we don't know what will. Who says you need hair to be sexy anyway?

Hairless hunks who rock the kalbo look. Click for more.


Photos from, Artwork by Warren Espejo

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