The Best of The Hottest Men of 2011

Over 100 reasons why this year was a blast.

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( As our personal and belated Christmas gift to all the women out there, we balled up the country’s hottest, sexiest, and cutest men in one sizzling feature. Enjoy!


Top 10 Hottest Bald Men
Hairless hunks and sexy skinheads who score high on the hot-o-meter.




Top 10 Hottest Theater Actors
Ten hot reasons to support Philippine theater: names the most crush-worthy stars of the stage.



Top 10 Hottest Morenos
Hot chocolate, Pinoy flavor! Who’s the most guapo of them all?


Top 10 Hottest K-pop Men caught the K-pop fever! We picked the hottest men of the K-pop world and christened them each with a moniker.



Top 10 Hottest Indie Actors names the most crush-worthy men of the indie world.


Top 10 Hottest Male Bodies in Showbiz singled out the hottest hunks in the industry whose beach-perfect bodies make our summer sizzle.



Top 10 Hottest Has-Beens
Bring them back! The missing and the gathered them all up in this nostalgic list.




Top 10 Hottest Male Athletes
Hot-letes who’ve got game, and then some.




Top 10 Cutest UAAP Basketball Players
Which college cagers rule the hardcourt and the hot-o-meter?




Top 10 Cutest Male Directors picks the silver-screen-worthy faces behind the camera!




Top 10 Cutest TV Newsmen: 2011 Edition
See who made it to this year’s list!

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