SPOT-Q: What do you geek out about?

It turns out Manila's most fashionable geek out about Game of Thrones, too!

Spot-Q: Preview Ball 2016


( So it looks like you have more in common than you think with Manila's famous and fashionable! (Whether or not you think that's cool is up to you.) In celebration of this year's Preview Ball 2016 theme, Geek on Fleek, asked your favorite celebrities what they geek out about. You might just be surprised at some of their answers!


Photos by Mike Dee


Preview Ball 2016: Paulo Avelino


"I geek out about techy stuff...and anime."

Paulo Avelino, actor


Preview Ball 2016: Isabelle Daza


"I'm a huge Game of Thrones geek!"

Isabelle Daza, actress and model


Preview Ball 2016: Andi Eigenmann


"I really love graphic novels!"

Andi Eigenmann, actress


Preview Ball 2016: Liz Uy


"Of course, I geek out about fashion. And sales!"

Liz Uy, celebrity stylist


Preview Ball 2016: Jasmine Curtis-Smith


"TV series, XBox. I love playing Call of Duty and Left For Dead."

Jasmine Curtis-Smith, actress


Preview Ball 2016: Christian Bautista


"I geek out about MSI [gaming] laptops. Right now, I'm really into [playing] Total War and Warhammer."

Christian Bautista, singer


Preview Ball 2016: BJ Pascual


"Ang tagal na since nagawa ko ito, pero I geek out about HTML."

BJ Pascual, fashion photographer


Preview Ball 2016: Phoemela Barranda


"I'm into a lot of documentaries on Netflix. So lately, I've been binge-watching Chef's Table."

Phoemela Barranda, model and TV anchor


Preview Ball 2016: Benjamin Alves


"I'm a geek at heart, really. I'm a huge comic book geek."

Benjamin Alves, actor



Preview Ball 2016: Janeena Chan


"I geek out about a lot of stuff. Beauty, food, beautiful destinations. I'm an ambience girl, so I love places with beautiful views and delicious food."

Janeena Chan, model and fashion blogger



Photos by Mike Dee


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