10 Superstitions We Still Believe In

If all else fails, pray like crazy.

(SPOT.ph) Growing up, superstitions found their way into our heads—whether it be whisperings from a grandparent or old person, or wise words from that random playmate we had in the province. Despite how modern and cosmopolitan we all like to claim to be, we sometimes still end up doing some peculiar things just to be on the safe side.

Certain practices are totally doable with minimal casualties and oddness, but others are a bit more extreme, like when it comes to protecting ourselves from scary things that go bump in the night. Take a look at this list and see if you’ve ever done them:

Saying “tabi-tabi po” whenever you pass by anthills
Seems like it's the only time you never forget your manners is when you’re trying to not offend the nuno sa punso.

Lighting candles to ward off evil spirits

'Cause you keep that pack of vigil candles in the drawer for more than just sudden brownouts. And it’s a great way to set the mood during date night too—so, win!

Never sweeping your floor at night
If you consider creepy crawlies the evilest of monsters, then the very idea of a host of worms, centipedes, and insects falling from the ceiling and covering your floor is probably the scariest thing ever. 

Doing the padugo ritual at new construction sites
You definitely shouldn't get too attached to that inexplicably cute white chicken clucking around—you know it’s gonna have a starring role in driving away all the bad spirits hanging out at the place you’re putting up your new house.

Not going straight home after a funeral

The stray kitten was already a handful, if you start leading spirits back to the house, your mom will flip! So, just to be on the safe side, pagpag ka muna.

Turning your clothes inside out when you get lost
For those times GPS fails you and you just wanna get to your destination without any tikbalang or kapre bothering you (probably because your offending them with your fashion faux pas).

Always carrying a piece of ginger or clove of garlic in your pocket

Who cares if people keep staring at you ‘cause you smell funky? No aswang is getting near you!

Leaving food on the floor
Because the risk of stepping on a plateful of food with your bare feet in the middle of the night sounds like a better deal than getting targeted by a mischievous duwende.

Keeping a stingray tail at the ready
You always channel your inner Catwoman whenever you break out the buntot ng pagi. Best to keep those whipping skills sharp to fight off all the aswang that come knockin’.

Salting everything in sight

Salt is the ultimate weapon against all things evil and shady. This purifying agent wards off everything from aswang to manananggal to any and all unwanted visitors, including that third cousin twice removed that you only saw once years ago but who’s just turned up asking for money.

Don’t worry, we won’t judge you for doing any of these. As crazy as some of these things sound, there are simply some practices and beliefs that are so deeply rooted in our traditions and culture that we end up doing them without conscious thought.

And who knows? If real life suddenly turned into a horror TV series, you might just end up the last person standing while we’re that character who gets killed in the first episode.

Don’t believe us? Log on to Netflix and check out Stranger Things, and judge for yourself how well you’ll fare in those scary scenarios. If you're anything like Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), and Mike (Finn Wolfhard), something tells us you’ll do a lot better than we would.

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