5 Things All Hardcore Gamers Know

All's fair in love and war...and gaming!

You've perfected the steps to glitching your way to infinite power-ups, derived (admittedly morbid) enjoyment from killing your simulated families by way of ladderless pools, and have mastered the time-honored ritual of blowing on cartridges that have long been rendered obsolete. True enough, if you’ve been a hardcore gamer for so long, some habits are tough to shake. We know which ones you’re most guilty of:

Peeking at your opponent's screen
You take secret pride in your abilities to discern an opponent’s progress or whereabouts from just a split-second peek. Whether it’s a split-screen racing game or an entirely different monitor running your favorite barilan game, you just can’t resist a sidelong glance. Is it wrong? Maybe. Is it worth it? Totally.

Not blinking so you won't miss any power-ups
By now, you’ve probably memorized where the stars, mushrooms and “?” blocks are in your favorite video games. But that doesn’t mean you’ll willingly go through a level with your eyes closed! You instinctually know how important timing and attentiveness are when it comes to power-ups, so you’ve developed a blink frequency second only to that of a statue’s.

Concentrating hard during boss battles
If any family member has walked in on you playing a boss level, they’ve definitely seen you at your worst: unbathed and unfed as of the last 12 hours, scowling vengefully at the screen with your eyebrows crossed and hurling oaths at your character, your opponent, the screen and your console each time you fail. Let them know today how grateful you are that they still love you (or so it seems) even though they saw you at your caveman best!

Leaning towards the screen while playing
You’re finally watching the cutscene that delivers the game’s shocking plot twist. Or you’re caught in a skirmish where even your best heroes just can’t cut it. It’s these intense moments that get you leaning in super close, as if by the sheer proximity of your face to the monitor, you can influence the outcome.

Staying up late to finish a really good game
You know the feeling of promising “just one more hour” repeatedly, until for the nth time, you’re the last person awake on your street. Admit it: not even your worst exam, most stressful work deadline, or deepest fear of the supernatural can match the ability of a quality game to keep you up through the night.

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