5 Things You'll Experience When Binge-Watching TV Shows

The struggle is real.

With the rise in popularity of digital streaming sites and internet TV services, binge-watching has become a very easy thing to do. In fact, for people who don’t like having to wait in anticipation for new episodes of the shows they’re following, binge-watching entire seasons (or even the whole show), is the only way to go.

Becoming an avid binge-watcher is not for the faint of heart though. It takes a certain amount of stamina, commitment, emotional investment, and sacrifice (of sleep). If you’re one already, then you probably know these things all too well:

Telling yourself you'll just watch one episode but ending up watching a whole season in one go
We’ve all been there: even when we don’t intend to, we often fall into a binge-watching hole from which we're only able to crawl out of the next day, sleepless, red-eyed, and probably already late for work. Yikes!

Squinting to read the subtitles
Whether you already understand the language or not, subtitles are super handy when you want to make sure you don’t miss anything being said. You just wish the text wasn’t so small!

Feel kilig when the bida meets his love interest
No matter how many times you’ve seen it happen before, your entire face still twitches into a look of total kilig whenever you see a romantic scene between your favorite loveteam.

Wanting to cry when a favorite character dies
As soon as the dramatic music starts to swell, you know the scene’s about to turn tragic. No matter how prepared you are though, you still can’t stop the onion-chopping ninjas from making your eyes well up with tears.

Feeling glad when the show has a happy ending
Of course, sad scenes aren’t the only times you end up crying. A certified Happily Ever After always leaves you shedding happy tears!

While it’s always fun to binge-watch awesome new shows and revisit old favorites, you have to admit, it can take a lot out of you—emotionally AND physically! That’s why you need to be adequately prepared, and apart from tissues (for all the ugly crying you’ll be doing) and food (for snacking purposes, duh), what you need the most to have at the ready are eyedrops. After all, your eyes will be working the hardest while the rest of your body is just vegging.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Systane Ultra.
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