Hey, Grammar Nazis! Reese Lansangan wrote a song for you

Because we all cringe at jeje texts...right?


(SPOT.ph) We can also call this today in cute, because virtually everything Reese Lansangan does is inevitably charming.



It's comforting to know that she cringes at "stuffs" (an entry in our 10 Expressions People Need to Stop Using) and she probably won't date a guy who doesn't value subject-verb agreement:


I suggest you brush up
On your subject-verb agreement
If we'll keep this up
It's gonna be a commitment
You never say "Dogs barks"
You just say "bark"
Pay a bit of attention
We're gonna take it to the park

Double negatives
And all its relatives
Don't sound no good 
If they ain't in a rap song
I'm gonna break it down for you
I hate it when you say "furnitures"
When you mean "pieces of furniture"


As she says in the chorus, we're not exactly Nazis. We just care about good grammar!

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