10 Quotes on Relationships From Ex With Benefits

Ang hirap pala habulin ang taong ayaw magpahabol.

10 Quotes from the Movie Ex with Benefits


(SPOT.ph) You know how they tell you not to judge a book by its cover? It's cliched, but it's true—especially in the case of Star Cinema and Viva Films' latest offering, Ex With Benefits. Its title and how the film is marketed does the material injustice.


Behind all the sex (which the film delivers in spades) and the controversy surrounding their portrayal of med reps, there's an insightful and heartbreaking story that goes beyond forced hugot dialogue and syrupy romantic scenes. The film singles out the emotion of pain to tell the story of Adam Castrances (Derek Ramsay) and Arki Aragon (Coleen Garcia), two medical students who meet after the latter falls and injures her leg.



They embark on a steamy yet emotional relationship, but Arki abruptly leaves under mysterious circumstances. Ten years later, Adam is a highly respected doctor, while Arki is a top med rep who sleeps with doctors to get their precious endorsement. Her boss (Carmi Martin), orders her to get Dr. Castrances' recommendation for a new painkiller.


This is where the, ahem, action and these 10 quotes on relationships begin.


On consent

"Basta 'pag siya, kahit ano. Puwede niya akong i-Fifty Shades of Grey!"


On "the one that got away"

"I did everything I could pero ang hirap pala habulin ang taong ayaw magpahabol."

On being "exes with benefits"

"What we have is a placebo effect. Kahit hindi totoo, at least meron."


On moving on

"Before I can move on, I have to heal first. I just haven't healed yet."



On denial

"You can close your eyes sa mga bagay na ayaw mong makita, but you can't close your heart to what it truly feels [...] Kahit anong gawin ko, babalik at babalik ako sa 'yo."

On double standards

"Ganyan kayong mga lalaki. You only love us when we're whole, but when we're broken, you leave us even when you're the reason we're broken."


On making things right

"Everybody deserves a second chance, but you have to make it right."


On the importance of pain

"Kailangan niyang masaktan para malaman niyang buhay siya."


On recovering from a breakup

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"The best way to recover from pain is to endure it. Then, and only then, can we heal."


On finally putting yourself first

"This isn't about our second chance. This is about my second chance."


Ex With Benefits is now showing in cinemas, and has been graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board. The film is directed by Gino Santos, screenplay by Jeff Stelton, and based on the book by Ruth Mendoza.

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