10 Must-See Movies This April

Captain America: Civil War, Just The 3 of Us, and more.

(SPOT.ph) It's April Fool's Day today, but you don't have to worry about practical jokes here. Instead, we've got an all-new roster of exciting movies to catch this month. Think highly anticipated blockbuster sequels, a thought-provoking Pinoy indie film, and more.



10 Cloverfield Lane

Release date: April 6

A woman named Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) takes a drive through rural Louisiana following an argument with her fiancé. A phone call from the latter leads to a car accident and she wakes up in a shelter with two men who claim the outside world is under a widespread chemical attack. This sci-fi thriller also stars John Goodman and John Gallagher Jr.




Release date: April 6

A quiet and unassuming accountant named Zeny Roblado (Nora Aunor) is embroiled in a national scandal involving a scheming, high-profile entrepreneur (Cherry Pie Picache). The latter makes headlines for her ties to greedy government officials. (Sound familiar?) In desperation, Zeny turns to a reporter (Angelica Panganiban) to expose the truth. It turns out even that has a price, too.

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Eddie the Eagle

Release date: April 6

Inspired by true events, Eddie the Eagle stars Taron Egerton as the titular character, a British skier who becomes the first competitor to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping. This feel-good biographical film also stars Hugh Jackman as Eddie's rebellious and charismatic coach.



Mr. Right

Release date: April 6

A woman (Anna Kendrick) begins to question her newfound relationship when she realizes that her new boyfriend (Sam Rockwell) is a professional assassin. To make matters worse, he kills the people who hire him instead of the intended targets.



The Jungle Book

Release date: April 7

Director Jon Favreau takes on a Disney live-action adaptation, this time a reimagined version of the studio's 1967 animated film. The film stars Neel Sethi as Mowgli, a human boy cared for by a blank panther named Bagheera (Ben Kingsley) and a bear named Baloo (Bill Murray). The film also includes the voice talents of Idris Elba, Lupita Nyong'o, Scarlett Johansson, Giancarlo Esposito, and Christopher Walken.





Release date: April 8

Davis (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a successful investment banker who quickly unravels after losing his wife in a tragic accident. What starts as a complaint letter to a vending machine company turns into a series of letters revealing startling personal admissions. His heartfelt letters soon reach a customer service rep Karen (Naomi Watts), with whom he forms an unlikely connection.



The Huntsman: Winter's War

Release date: April 13

This prequel takes place many years before the events of the 2012 Snow White and the Huntsman. Emily Blunt plays Freya, the Ice Queen, who raises a legion of deadly Hunstmen, including two warriors named Eric (Chris Hemsworth) and Sara (Jessica Chastain). Freya and her evil sister, Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) unite forces to conquer the land and it's up to the two renegade warriors to stop them.



Midnight Special

Release date: April 20

This sci-fi film tells the story of man (Michael Shannon) and his son (Jaeden Lieberher), who are constantly pursued by the government and a group of religious extremists. It turns out that the young boy possesses special powers.




Captain America: Civil War

Release date: April 27

The highly anticipated third installment to the Captain America franchise is finally here. This time, the biggest superheroes go head-to-head as political pressure deeply divides members of the Avengers. Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Robert Downey Jr., Paul Rudd, Scarlett Johansson, and more all reprise their roles.



Just The 3 of Us

Release date: April 27

Star Cinema's latest rom-com offering brings together John Lloyd Cruz and Jennylyn Mercado as two strangers who end up living together due to some, er, unusual circumstances. The film is directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina.

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