5 Restaurants and Cafés From Your Favorite Korean Dramas

These places have served as pretty backdrops to these beloved Korean dramas.


K-Dramas are a quick and helpful window into the picturesque spots around South Korea. So in the spirit of everything we love (a.k.a. good food and travel), we decided to take a closer look at some of the restaurants featured in your favorite shows. Think of it as a helpful guide when you finally decide to live out your Hallyu dreams!



This recognizable sandwich resto probably wins with the most appearances in Korean dramas. It's not Korea by any means, but we have a ton of branches around the Philippines, too.


Descendants of the Sun






The Prime Minister & I



Doctors,The Good Doctor, Discovery of Romance, The K2



Dal.Komm Coffee

This coffee shop, which opened in 2011, has now expanded to two more countries: Malaysia and Singapore. It brings together everyone's favorite things: coffee, story, and awesome music. Now all you need is an oppa.


Descendants of the Sun






The Producers



Mango Six

Mango Six is best known for their lineup of juices, bubble tea, coffee, and desserts. Their bestseller? The mango coconut juice, which has made its appearance in the two K-Dramas we've listed below.


The Heirs



A Gentleman's Dignity



Tous Les Jours

Did you know that Tous Les Jours' cozy interiors have also served as the backdrop for some of your favorite shows? The students in Dream High, for instance, are often shown hanging out within its walls.


Dream High



Reply 1994




With its wide open space and minimalist interiors, Coffeesmith (located in the very busy region of Hongdae, Seoul) boasts a chill and relaxing atmosphere perfect for lounging the day away.


Sensory Couple



It's Okay, That's Love


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