This Is Why You Never See the Terrifying Creatures in Bird Box

The producer and the director of the hit Netflix movie explain.

PHOTO BY Netflix

( So, you've watched Bird Box on Netflix for the nth time since the holiday break. It's okay, you're probably not the only one. In the movie, Malorie (Sandra Bullock) is in a fight for survival with her two kids against a mysterious force that upon sight, makes humans want to kill themselves. But no matter how many times you've watched it or talked about theories wih your friends, you're probably still asking: If the creatures are so terrifying, why don't we ever see them?

In the production notes for the film, Bird Box producer Chris Morgan reveals why they decided not to show what the suicide-inducing creatures look like. He says that the movie takes viewers back to a time when humans lived in caves and didn't know what was going on around them. Now, he says, it's the complete opposite. "We are constantly looking at screens, at visual information, so to suddenly have your vision cut off in these times is a real test that takes you back to using our raw human nature."


He continues, "Since Malorie never can see the threat, we wanted the audience to always be in the dark with her. Her subjective experience of being surrounded by fear and danger is also what the audience should experience." The filmmakers wanted the audience to know what it was like to live in the dark and the unknown, just like the characters in the movie.

PHOTO BY Netflix

Director Susanne Bier also explains that not seeing the creature makes the film more thrilling. "When I’ve watched scary movies, I’ve always been most terrified right before I saw what the threat was." And so, she "wanted to tap into that very powerful feeling you have when there’s a palpable threat but you aren't sure what it is yet—and sustain that feeling." She adds, "For me, that’s the most harrowing part of fear and suspicion.”

You have to admit, your curiosity about what the creatures look like would make you want to take a peek. And isn't it more terrifying to think that you wouldn't survive in Bird Box if you were in it?

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