This Is What Lapu-Lapu Looks Like in Elcano & Magellan

The Spanish animated movie is scheduled for local release in January 2020.

( Historical films are a great way to learn about how things came to be and how things once were. Sometimes creative liberties are taken to create a film that is both entertaining and informative, but hey, as long as it doesn't go out of its way to completely revise history, right? The Philippines has seen many colonizers come and go and while there is an effort to educate kids on what really went down, there are still some things that can skew perspectives. Animated Spanish film Elcano & Magellan, to be released locally in January 2020, is based on Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan's first voyage around the world, with the poster seeming to portray Lapu-Lapu as a menacing villain. Local reception was mixed, to put it mildly.

Here's what the people of Twitter had to say:

Colonialist garbage is quite the insult.


"God" does not like bootleg Flynn Rider.

If you didn't know that's what really happened, well, now you know.

Very tired.

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There was an attempt to shade and to educate.

A valid hot take.

Start them young.


We weren't the bad guys at all!

That adventure only oppressed us for 333 years. No big deal, right?

The intensity of this tweet is directly proportional to the number of question marks.

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