8 Must-See Films at the 2018 CineFilipino Film Festival

A breath of fresh air from big-budget movies.

 The CineFilipino Film Festival, in partnership with Cignal Entertainment, is now on its third year of bringing quirky, entertaining, and slightly controversial stories to life. And from the looks of these trailers, every single film in this year's line-up is a must-watch.

1. Delia & Sammy
Directed by:
Therese Cayaba

A dying ex-movie star (Rosemarie Gil) goes on a road trip with her Alzheimer’s-suffering husband (Jaime Fabregas) to reconnect with estranged family members. In the process, she manages to trick a village security guard (Nico Antonio) into driving them through this surprisingly light-hearted adventure.

Watch this if: You want to go on a joyride of laughter and mixed emotions.

2. Mata Tapang
Directed by: Rod Marmol

A battle-hardened soldier (Edgar Allan Guzman) loses his eye—and his brothers-in-arms—in a skirmish. He wakes up after surgery to find that the ghosts of his troop are bound to him until he helps them resolve issues left unsettled after their deaths. Think Heart and Souls, but with soldiers.

Watch this if: You want to see the beauty of life through a story about death.

3. The Eternity Between Seconds
Directed by: Alec Figuracion

A depressive self-help author (TJ Trinidad) encounters a nurse (Yeng Constantino) riddled with anxiety at Incheon Airport. The two try to make time stand still together, fearful of what happens next in their lives once they step out of the airport gates.

Watch this if: You're curious to know what it's like to find comfort in the company of a stranger.

4. Excuse Me Po
Directed by:
Ronald Espinosa Batallones

A former movie extra (Elizabeth Oropesa) uses her acting talents to beg people for money, creating new characters and stories each time to win their pity. The truth: all of her earnings go to her husband’s treatments for Parkinson’s Disease. But everything starts to change once her picture goes viral online.

Watch this if: You want to see La Oropesa bring extraordinary depth to yet another interesting character.

5. Poon
Directed by: 
Roni Benaid

A devoutly religious woman (Glydel Mercado) purchases the image of St. Vargas, which she believes to be miraculous. A series of horrifying events take place after she begins to feel dark changes within herself.

Watch this if: You haven't seen an indie horror film before. Don't expect Poon to pull any punches—films like this are made to really scare.

6. Hitboy
Directed by: 
Bor Ocampo

A young man (Adrian Cabido) discovers that he can make money on the side as a part-time assassin. When he learns of his girlfriend's pregnancy, he sets out to do one last job before leaving the hitman life for good.

Watch this if: You have a soft spot for films that depict the realities of a third world country, particularly crime and poverty.

7. Gusto Kita with All My Hypothalamus
Directed by: Dwein Baltazar

What does a man want in a woman? A wife? A lover? A companion? A soulmate? It turns out Aileen is all of the above to four different men. The film explores what drives all their desires which, biologically speaking, do not come from the heart.

Watch this if: You want to be scientific about this thing called love, hate, and everything else in between.

8. Mga Mister ni Rosario
Directed by:
Allan Habon

Bea (Kate Alejandrino) is the loving wife to different men, depending on what character her method actor husband (Joross Gamboa) is playing at the time. Things start to get a little intense when he takes on the role of a serial killer, leaving Bea to fear for her life in this quirky little comedy.

Watch this if: You're in the mood for a quirky and kinky love story. After all, we were all crazy in love once.

The CineFilipino Film Festival will be screening at Gateway, Greenbelt 1, and Cine Lokal cinemas (SM Mall of Asia, SM North EDSA, SM Manila, SM Southmall, SM Megamall, and SM Fairview) from May 9 to 15. Mark those dates on your calendars! Follow CineFilipino on Facebook for the complete schedule.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Cignal Entertainment.
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