A Bulletproof JGL, A Lethal Jamie Foxx + More Are Coming Your Way in the Electrifying Project Power

We talk to the cast about this upcoming sci-fi action flick.

(SPOT.ph) "If there was a pill that could give you five minutes of pure power,"  would you take it?" This is what you hear the low growl of Jamie Foxx's voice say in the trailer for the upcoming Project Power—an action packed, sci-fi thriller dropping on Netflix this August 14. With a mysterious syndicate pushing a strange drug that gives its users ridiculous amounts of "pure power," Foxx as a (deadly) man on a mission, a bulletproof Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and more, this action flick is sure to change the game for all "superhero" movies after it.

Set in the city of New Orleans where the strange new drug, simply called "Power," is wreaking havoc on the streets, Art (Foxx) is on the hunt for its source. He ends up tracking down the syndicate with the help of Frank (Levitt), a police detective and Robin (Dominique Fishback), a teenager from the so-called "wrong" side of town. It is set in a world that stills feels very much real, except of course, for the existence of a pill that turns human beings into fire demons, literal ice queens a la Frozen, and, well, we'll have to wait until the film drops to see what else.

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly plays Newt in the film, whose superpower you can probably guess at here.
PHOTO BY Netflix / Project Power

Sure it's a formula that may be familiar (bad guy and cop are forced to team up to take down a force much stronger than them), but this action flick spins up the concept of "power." "It was refreshing to see a movie like this where the superpowers are more democratic since anyone has access to it," said director Ariel Schulman, who worked alongside Henry Joost, in the statement. "What if these powers were available to everyone?  Would you take it?"

More Than Just Superhuman Abilities

Art is an ex-soldier with a very personal vendetta.
PHOTO BY Netflix / Project Power
"Batman and Robin."
PHOTO BY Netflix / Project Power
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"Power goes to where it always goes: to the people who already have it," says Art in the trailer. A line which, years after it was first written, still remains incredibly relevant. "I guess you could call it foreshadowing," says Foxx in an online roundtable interview with SPOT.ph. "Struggle" is still very much present, he adds, "If you look at the world today and the challenges that that we're met with, there is still huge human struggle. It's amazing that even in 2020 there is still the question of what a person looks like." 

Rapper Chika wrote the verses used in the film, and she also makes a cameo!
PHOTO BY Netflix / Project Power

The film was the brainchild of screenwriter Mattson Tomlin, who began the draft for Project Power way back in 2016—his inspiration? Two epic films of the early aughts, Collateral (2004) and 8 Mile (2002). "My brain kind of lit on fire at the idea of genre mashing. Like, what if you did 8 Mile or Collateral, which are two of my favorite films, as a superpower movie?" he said in a Netflix statement. 


Aptly enough, the two films are about people who are stuck in the lives they were born into—then have to fight (or rap) their way out. Project Power is about that same struggle, only with some epic sci-fi, superhuman touches (plus what's setting up to be an epic rap track, or maybe more than one, courtesy of Fishback's character). "So those words that we wrote some years ago, those words will continue to remain true until until the end of this," says Foxx, referring to the way too many old people "stuck in the old way of thinking." His words, not ours!

JGL and Fishback's Call to Join Their Global Collab


The cast's resident ultra-creatives, Gordon-Levitt and Fishback, are set to create a song with the release of the movie—for which the two are calling on literally everyone everywhere to submit any piece of media they can and want to. "So [Fishback and I] opened up this project and said, alright we're gonna make a song inspired by the movie theme, power. 'What's your power? What is power what is power. Who has the power?'" says the actor in an interview with SPOT.ph.

Frank's power? Being bulletproof.
PHOTO BY Netflix / Project Power

Netflix teamed up with Gordon-Levitt's production company HitRecord to make the huge collab project. "When you open up the creative process to anybody who wants to participate, you get sort of really unexpected material," says Gordon-Levitt. "You know, there are a diverse variety of tastes," he adds, laughing. 

"You don't have to be a skilled artisan because we're not just taking submissions and picking. Everybody builds off each other so if you don't have the skills for rap or music, you just might have a good idea or a unique take on power," he says. You can upload whatever "power" piece you have on the HitRecord platform and someone else might just pick it up and twist it. 


Gordon-Levitt says they're aiming to have the entire music video up "not too long after the movie comes out," so you can still send your contributions in—yup, Netflix will be paying you if your piece is included! 

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