You Can Now Search for Songs on Spotify Using Lyrics

Have an unknown song playing on loop in your head?


( Ever have a song stuck in your head but you don't actually know which song it is? Well, as long as you have a few lines memorized, Spotify now has your back. You can type up a couple words on the search bar and the song in question will pop up; the new feature is available for both Android and iOS users.


The added search feature works like any other. When you type some of the words up on the search bar, the results will be classified according to type—the ones you are looking for will be tagged "Lyrics match." Spotify designer Lin Wang took to Twitter to share the news on October 5, reports The Verge.

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Before this nifty little feature, most of us would resort to using another app to search for the song before adding it over to our playlists on Spotify. A minor inconvenience we can finally say goodbye to! Now all we're waiting for is a feature that lets us search for songs by singing the melody (or hilariously mimicking a full orchestra when we're searching for classical music).

The streaming platform recently launched another lyrics-related feature in July, called Lyrics on Spotify. This one enables you to have the lyrics on-screen as the song plays—which means you can karaoke your feelings away whenever you want to. 

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