This Hilarious All of Us Are Dead PSA Clip Proves You Can Use the Pythagorean Theorem "IRL"

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( Remember all those problems you had back in high school? We're not just talking puberty and crushes here, but chemistry, algebra, pre-calculus—flashbacks to you wracking your brain cells for the height of a flag pole and wondering when the hell you'll ever get to use the pythagorean theorem IRL. Well, as one promo for Netflix's All of Us Are Dead points out, all those seemingly random things you learned in high school will actually, genuinely help you out in the real world—or to be more specific, a zombie apocalypse.


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Hilarious old-school Netflix clip mixes high-school lessons with All Of Us Are Dead

Netflix Philippines dropped the hilarious clip on their social media today, January 30. It features that old-timey vibe from those old PSA clips we'd get to watch on TV days—with a literal TV rolled into the classroom (yes kids, that's how it used to be). And best part is that the instructor gives you tips on how to use high-school lessons in an apocalyptic landscape; think you'd survive the All of Us Are Dead scenario? You may want to take down notes:

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So in case you haven't been streaming lately, All of Us Are Dead is the newest South Korean zombie thriller to hit Netflix. We're sure you know they've got the genre down pat—think Kingdom, Busan and lots more—but this time, they're bringing the dead back to life in a high school; as if those poor kids didn't have enough to deal with already.

The clip takes you down a zombie-fied memory lane filled with flashbacks of planting monggo, making dioramas, haikus, and how you can use it in a potential fight against the undead. As for the pythagorean theorem? Well you get the gist.Maybe you could teach them basic algebra and make what's left of their head explode. Now how legit those lessons will be against zombies is still left to be seen—hopefully never actually IRL. We say keep your eyes on the Netflix pages for more useful All of Us Are Dead lessons.


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