10 Titles to Stream on Netflix That Celebrate All Kinds of Love

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(SPOT.ph) Granted, we still have a long, long way to go, but we must still acknowledge that there are more and more platforms carrying all kinds of voices. Representation has been amplified throughout recent years, especially in art and popular media. Case in point: filmmakers both local and international bravely and boldly showcasing all kinds of real love. Scrolling through the Netflix titles available is just one solid manifestation. 

If you can’t physically scream your truth out loud for whatever reason, you could simply stream these titles on Netflix as a way of being  in your own safe little space (a.k.a. under the covers and in the comfort of your bed). Always know that you are valid; as these titles will help to prove.

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No better time to watch these new LGBT movies on Netflix than now:

The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson


This revolutionary documentary on Netflix follows activist Victoria Cruz's investigation into Marsha P. Johnson. Along with Sylvia Rivera, the two were considered to be icons of the gay and transgender rights movement in New York City in the 1960s. Cruz looks into Johnson's death, which was ruled as suicide, but many think otherwise, more than two decades after.

An eye-opening and informative telling of an important story through interviews with friends and family as well as anecdotes, this film dives into the history of the long and gruesome fight of the members of the community for rights and justice while at the same time celebrating Johnson's legacy.

Call Me By Your Name

It'd be best if you prepare some tissues for this. Call Me By Your Name is set in 1983 and follows the bittersweet, summer romance of 17-year-old Elio (Timothée Chalamet) and 24-year-old Oliver (Armie Hammer) with a picturesque view of northern Italy. It painstakingly beautifully touches on first loves, lust, and heartbreak. “It’s also an honest look at a young man discovering strong feelings for another man,” we noted in our movie review from 2017. Call Me By Your Name is based on a novel of the same name by André Aciman.

Your Name Engraved Within

Here's another story of the beauty and pain of loving someone you know you shouldn’t. Can relate? Your Name Engraved Within, which is considered to be Taiwan’s highest-grossing film, follows the story of two boys Jia Han and Birdy (portrayed by Edward Chen and Tseng Jing Hua) navigating life together and their unspoken love for each other while in high school. It is set in the 1980s, at a time when the country’s martial law had just been lifted.

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Anne +: The Film

Everyone could maybe relate a little to 20-something Anne (Hanna van Vliet), who is in search of what she really wants in life—after Sara, her girlfriend, moved out of town for a job. She then meets a performer named Lou (Thorn Roos de Vries), who is also non-binary, in the middle of her journey, and the one who makes Anne look at a different perspective about love, life, and sexuality. It was first a web series.


Heartstopper is a coming-of-age flick about Nick (Kit Conner) and Charlie (Joe Locke) and their budding romancewith high school and the horrors that come with it as the setting. Their awkward yet cute, endearing (and all too familiar) interactions will have you squealing and at the same time reminiscing about your puppy love or crush back in your high school days, which is either cringe or just as wholesome. If you're the type to say “I wanna believe in romance,” then watch Heartstopper. The series has been renewed for two more seasons thanks to all the outpouring of love and support from its audience since its release. It is based on a graphic novel of the same name by Alice Oseman.

Gaya sa Pelikula

Gaya sa Pelikula, a series directed by JP Habac, is a "love letter to the community, freely presenting queer love, all its feelings, all its possibilities, (and) all the kilig" through the story of Karl (Paolo Pangilinan) and Vlad (Ian Pangilinan) as they live under the same roof. Romance ensues. The series also tackles relatable and real-life issues circling gender and identity.  


Elisa and Marcela

Elisa and Marcela follows the story of two women, Elisa Sánchez Loriga (Natalia de Molina) and Marcela Gracia Ibeas (Greta Fernández), who pretended to be a heterosexual couple in order to marry. It is based on true events that recount the struggle and sacrifices of two girls in love back in 1987. Their marriage is considered to be the first between two persons of the same sex in Spain. You’d find yourself echoing Elisa’s words after finishing the movie: "Was it worth it?"

Alex Strangelove

Another pair of shoes some of our feet would perfectly fit in (like Cinderella and her glass slipper). Alex Strangelove tells the story of Alex Truelove  (Daniel Doheny) and his journey to sexual and self-exploration while growing up at the same time. "Love is strange (and confusing)," indeed.

First Kill

Ah, star-crossed lovers. Think Romeo and Juliet, but one’s a vampire, and the other’s supposed to hunt and kill them. Words like “I’ve forbidden you from seeing her,” “You can’t be together,” and “We’re not supposed to be,” will feel like a stab through your heart.

When we say first, does this suspense, fantasy series means first love, first kill—or both? Find out the answer through the young love story of teenage vampire Juliette (Sarah Catherine Hook) and vampire hunter Calliope (Imane Lewis) as they defy odds in First Kill.

Gameboys Level-Up Edition

Ah, internet love. We're pretty sure everyone has a story about their personal experiences on that, more and started in the pandemic. Cue war flashbacks on crying over someone they have seen only through a screen; we’re sorry to have brought it up. Here's another love story, something you could vicariously live by if yours went up in flames, born on the Internet—Gavreel (Kokoy de Santos) and Cairo (Elijah Canlas)'s, who are gamers-turned-lovers. Gameboys, which was first a web series, was also the first Filipino BL story. What you can find on Netlix is a recut version of the web series.


Bonus: 2gether The Series

When it comes to Thailand’s Boys Love dramas (which have amassed a huge following in the country), there’s a hundred and one percent chance that you know Sarawat and Tine—no judgment, you’re not alone. If you love the classic fake-dating trope, you'll definitely fall in love with the story of cheerleader Tine (Metawin Opas-iamkajorn), who asks campus heartthrob Sarawat (Bright Vachirawit) to be his pretend boyfriend so Green, a person with a huge crush on him, would stop following him around. Everything stops being pretend at some point.

It has a sequel, Still 2gether, which is also available on Netflix, and a movie of the same name.

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