Gwendoline Christie Tells Us What's Deliciously Evil About Tim Burton's Wednesday

Wednesday Netflix Series Gwendoline Christie
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Netflix

( It's finally Wednesday, folks, and we're not talking about the colloquially recognized "hump day" of the week. No, we're speaking to the fact that it's finally time for Wednesday, the Addams Family's return to live-action television programming, with the new eight-episode series dropping on Netflix.

Arguably the streaming site's biggest release of the month, Wednesday is brought to us by legendary fantasy director Tim Burton himself, who has assembled a cast including certified mother Catherine Zeta-Jones, 2022 scream queen Jenna Ortega, and fantastic fantasy actress Gwendoline Christie. During an interview with the cast, we got to hear from Christie and Ortega about all the mischievous goodies to be found in the new series.

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Here's what the cast of Wednesday has to tell us about the new Netflix series:

Speaking first with Gwendoline Christiewho recently appeared as the devilishly charming Lucifer in Netflix's The Sandman earlier this year—we were given an eloquent rundown of why morally grey characters are the most fun to watch. The actor says:


"I think it's because that brings [the audience] closer to a human experience. I think we are all capable of everything as human beings. I think we're immensely flawed and often lose our way and only ever really learn from our mistakes, which can be a very difficult thing to do.

"But it is the most fun to play a character where you don't quite know where their loyalties lie, you don't quite know who they are, they keep changing, they keep changing their mind, and the way you see them keeps changing. It's very challenging as an actor to inhabit that and explore it and bring reality to it. It forces you to really examine the human experience and vulnerability, ambition, and desire. It affords actors the luxury of thinking about what it means to be human."

Wednesday Netflix Series Jenna Ortega
Jenna Ortega is Wednesday Addams.
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Netflix
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Taking on the titular role of the series, Jenna Ortega can undoubtedly relate as well to having fun with the character's sinister (and innocent) side. Ortega herself is coming off leading roles in two slasher-horror films earlier this year, Scream and X. We asked the 20-year-old actress if her experience on those films affected her approach to the iconic character of Wednesday Addams. She replied:

"It's a little bit different every time, because [with a] different character, you want to approach them differently. I think I'm fortunate enough to play teen girls that don't always necessarily resemble one another. I like to approach all my characters with the same level of respect and care. I'm really lucky, though, because horror is so much fun. It's really easy to take risks and explore and do new things. Fortunately, every horror set that I've been on, I've been encouraged to do that, which has been really, really nice."

Wednesday Netflix Series Tim Burton
Jenna Ortega (as Wednesday Addams) and director Tim Burton on set.
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Netflix

For this series, Ortega worked under the metaphorical brush of Tim Burton, known for bringing to life the worlds of Edward ScissorhandsSweeney ToddBeetlejuice, and The Corpse Bride, among many gothic fantasy titles. Burton directed four episodes of the new series and what was most surprising to Ortega about Burton was "how much he just kind of winged it."


She continued, "It comes so naturally to him. We didn't have a shot list. We would go to set, we didn't know what we were doing that day, and he just made it up on the spot. For certain things to turn out as beautiful as they did or to be as funny as they were, I think it's just a testament to how much of a true artist he is and it was really wonderful to experience that first-hand."

Wednesday is now streaming on Netflix and Ortega personally recommends audiences to binge all the way up to the third episode on the first viewing. She said:

"There's a lot going on in Episode 3 and it's pretty early on. I had to learn a lot for that episode; I was learning another language, I was doing another cello piece, and I wore a hideous pilgrim costume. It was just torture and I think it should be interesting for viewers."


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