What Kind of Movie-Watcher Are You?

There’s always that one friend who’s super #affected.


(SPOT.ph) Watching movies leads to an experience that may differ from one person to another. But did you know that there are at least five types of movie-watchers out there? Now, we’re not here to judge, so read on and decide for yourself which kind you can identify with the most.


The Scaredy-cat

When watching a horror movie on a tab with high-def screen, do you feel like someone's always lurking behind you? If that's the case, consider yourself the jumpy kind. Don't be so paranoid!


The Emotional One

Your motto: Having #feels while watching a tearjerker flick is not a crime. After all, life is all about real experiences—things a great storyline and amazing actors can convey with remarkable honesty. If shedding a few tears over a drama is wrong, then you don’t want to be right!


The Sleepyhead

You try not to pass on a movie your friends recommended, but you're just too sleepy or tired to stay awake. For that, we can't blame you for dozing off halfway through the movie. But don't take it against them when they scare you awake by turning up the volume! 


The Giggler

You’re the friend who will laugh at every joke in every comedy flick. Never mind if it's a corny one—you have the heartiest belly laugh out of the group. At the end of the day, every gang needs one.


The Big Fan

Film is an art. From sweeping vistas to well-executed fight scenes, movies viewed on a crisp and quality display can really pull you in and make you feel like you’re part of the action. Yes, immersive experience is real.


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The enhanced luminosity of images on screen can give a more true-to-life feel to crucial moments, from the lighthearted rom-com exchanges to the tear-jerking heavy drama ones. The tablet's speakers also ensure that you’ll hear every sound no matter how you hold it. This tab also comes with the S Pen that will make navigation much easier. Simply put, it fits every member of the gang perfeclty.


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