10 Unforgettable Pinoy Showbiz Rivalries

What’s showbiz without a little competition?


(SPOT.ph) Humor us for a second, and imagine showbiz without rivalry. Let’s face it-the world of local showbiz wouldn’t be as fun or entertaining. Celebrities appreciated (or needed) the publicity, while fans love to staunchly defend their favorites to death. We listed 10 of the most memorable Pinoy showbiz rivalries.


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1. Sharon Cuneta vs. Maricel Soriano

Rivals in: The battle of the "stars" in the '80s. Sharon was Viva’s Megastar, and Maricel was Regal’s Diamond Star.

Famous for: Sharon’s career started in teenybopper flicks then progressed to more serious movie roles, plus a flourishing career in music and a long string of endorsements. Maricel, meanwhile, started out as a child star whose career took off with her comedy Oh My Mama alongside William Martinez. She showed off her versatility in different genres throughout her career, from comedies to drama, action, horror, and fantasy. She was also a mainstay on the small screen, notably for sitcoms.




2. Martin Nievera vs. Gary Valenciano

Rivals in: Music and filling concert stadiums with fans

Famous for: Back in the '80s, another rivalry was the talk of the town. Despite contrasting images and genres, Martin Nievera (who was more of a balladeer) and Gary Valenciano (who leaned towards dancing and inspirational music) were touted by the media and their fans as rivals. They’ve both said that their competition was "never personal" and that their careers both benefitted from it.



3. Gloria Romero vs. Nida Blanca

Rivals in: Before the Viva and Regal studio competition, there was Sampaguita and LVN Pictures, headlined by Gloria Romero and the late Nida Blanca, respectively.

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Famous for: Yes, there were celebrity rivalries even in the '50s.The two never saw themselves as competition, and they even worked on several films together, starting with Huwag Kang Sisingit (featuring their famous love teams with Nestor de Villa and Luis Gonzales).




4. Heart Evangelista vs. Marian Rivera

Rivals in: According to reports, this infamous feud began when Heart’s then-boyfriend Daniel Matsunaga expressed interest in working with Marian. Likewise, Heart was, er, a little too excited at the prospect of working with Dingdong Dantes.

Famous for: A confrontation that supposedly went down, resulting in an incident in the airport where Heart’s mother yelled at Marian to "stay away from [her] daughter." Social media only made it easier for their fans to quickly come to their defense, often resulting in arguments online. By the way, Heart has said they were civil, but "not okay."


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5. Amalia Fuentes vs. Susan Roces

Rivals in: During the '60s, it was the intense fan clubs that marked the rivalry between Susan Roces and Amalia Fuentes.

Famous for: Having contrasting but highly bankable images. Susan was sweet and sophisticated, while Amalia was the sultrier opposite. Fans might even remember the insults hurled at each other, even outside Sampaguita Studios itself. The two friends were supposed to reignite their rivalry in the teleserye, Muling Buksan ang Puso, but Amalia resigned "due to creative differences."





6. Aiza Seguerra vs. Matet de Leon

Rivals in: Well, being adorable and popular child stars.

Famous for: Aiza started out in Eat Bulaga and went on the comedic-slash-musical route. Matet, meanwhile, stuck with the fantasy and drama genre, such as Wansapanataym and Maalala Mo Kaya. Rumors still managed to hound them, even in school where they were schoolmates. A much-older Matet clarified that she felt Aiza was more talented and deserved the awards more than she did.



7.  Janice de Belen vs. Julie Vega

Rivals in: Being the lead child stars of two different telenovelas: Flor de Luna and Anna Liza.

Famous for: Janice de Belen and Julie Vega were the lead actors in their respective telenovelas, whose roles sparked viewers’ debate of which young character and soap opera reigned supreme. They also united for the 1981 crossover series, Flor de Liza, as well as the 1984 movie Dear Mama. Unfortunately, the competition came to a shocking halt when Julie passed away at the age of 17.




8. Claudine Barretto vs. Judy Ann Santos

Rivals in: Teleseryes, of course. Claudine had Mula sa Puso, Saan Ka Man Naroroon, and Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan under her belt. Judy Ann, on the other hand, had Mara Clara, Esperanza, and Basta’t Kasama Kita.

Famous for: The rivalry between these two actresses was only heightened by the spirited debate in forums, from their looks to their extensive bodies of work, and their strings of awards and recognition. They were queens of ABS-CBN’s primetime lineup, and Claudine’s eventual move to the rival network only further bolstered the rivalry’s hype. They’ve also shared the big screen with the same leading men, including Piolo Pascual and Rico Yan (although Judy Ann had them as leading men first).



9. Angelica Panganiban vs. Camille Prats

Rivals in: Sarah, Ang Munting Prinsesa and Ang Pulubi at ang Prinsesa

Famous for: Angelica Panganiban and Camille Prats were the best of friends behind the camera, even if they were the exact opposite on-screen. When they were older, they both tried to shed their child star images by posing in men’s magazines-which only renewed their so-called rivalry. By the way, the two recently recreated the movie poster for Ang Pulubi at ang Prinsesa, which only had us hoping for an on-screen reunion, too.




10. Nora Aunor vs. Vilma Santos

Rivals in: Every movie on the extensively long list of movies they both starred in since the '70s.

Famous for: You were either a Noranian or a Vilmanian, there was no middle ground. Back then, their overzealous fans religiously tallied the number of films and awards their idols racked up, then fiercely debating who was the better actress. Arguments even transcended movie houses and into the streets themselves. It was that intense. Their friendship, however, is a different story altogether and they’ve both profusely stated their admiration for one another. They also co-starred in films such as T-Bird at Ako and Ikaw ay Akin.



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