Kris Aquino has backed out of her mistress movie

Find out why!

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( Despite announcing her involvement in an upcoming mistress movie, Kris Aquino has now backed out of the project.


In an interview on Wednesday, Kris explained that her role as a mistress in Etiquette for Mistresses and What Wives Can Learn From Them conflicted with a clause in one of her contracts. According to her, the provision would need the consent of the company in taking on a role that is "in conflict with Filipino values" or her image as a "family woman or a mother."



Kris reportedly requested to play the wife instead, but ultimately decided to just drop the role. She also noted that two other actresses in the film are her "dear friends." It is still unclear, however, if she was referring to Claudine Barretto (who has confirmed her involvement). So much for that Sukob reunion.


In any case, there's a free slot waiting for Gretchen Barretto, should she decide to join the cast again (even with her estranged sister around).


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