10 Inspiring Celebrity Quotes for a Self-Esteem Boost

A dose of positivity from your favorite celebs!


(SPOT.ph) It might be hard to believe sometimes, but celebrities are human, too. It’s refreshing to see famous people openly talk about their struggles with weight or the pressure to look perfect. In the U.S., stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Ariana Grande have spoken against body shaming in an industry where looks are everything. They’re not alone! Here are 10 empowering local celebrities who advocate positivity, inner beauty, and embracing your flaws.



"What was that quote by Audrey Hepburn? 'Happy girls are the prettiest girls.' So be confident in yourself. Love yourself."

Said by: Sarah Lahbati

This hot mom's fitness secret isn't just hitting the gym or finding the perfect diet. It's all about confidence and body positivity for Sarah. In an interview with Women's Health Philippines, she explained, "If I feel good about myself, I know I'll look good and I’ll be happy."





"Just because society creates this image in our minds that 'perfect is the new beautiful' [doesn't] mean that we have to follow [it]."

Said by: Liza Soberano

Even a girl as beautiful as Liza has her fair share of insecurities. The 17-year-old actress hopes to be an inspiration to her young fans, admitting that she knows how it feels to be in their place and struggling with self-esteem. "We are all unique, we are all different in our own way, and we can stand out and be beautiful on our own," she advised.



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"...You may say whatever you want to say, but I love my body. Every single part of it. Yes, that includes my thunder thighs."

Said by: Jessy Mendiola

It's easy for negative comments to trample your self-confidence, but Jessy chose to change her mindset about criticisms. "I used to be that girl who would like to please everyone but not make myself happy. I then promised myself, this time I will make myself happier first," she told Men's Health Philippines. "I learned to be patient and to accept my flaws as much as my strengths."





"[Be] happy. That is what's important."

Said by: Solenn Heussaff

Fit and fab Solenn has always been open about being 200 pounds when she was a pre-teen; in fact, her peers used to call her "Free Willy" and "Shamu," which took a toll on her self-esteem. "I tried to make things better for me," she told PEP.ph. "I will not do it for the people who put me down, I will do it for myself because I want to experience change."





"All women can be sexy. If you have a cool personality and a sense of humor, people will fall in love with you."

Said by: Ellen Adarna

Take it from someone who knows—Ellen is best known for her enviable figure, but it’s her fun and outgoing personality that makes her memorable.




"...Kailangan mo lang i-embrace 'yong flaws at mahalin 'yong sarili mo."

Said by: Jennylyn Mercado

Even FHM Philippines’ reigning Sexiest Woman isn’t spared from the perils of insecurity. "Minsan feeling ko ang taba ko 'pag katabi ko ‘yong ibang artista," she told Cosmopolitan Philippines. "Pero ngayon hindi ko na sine-stress sarili ko sa mga ganoong concerns, iniisip ko na lang na iba-iba talaga itsura ng tao kahit anong gawin mo. Happy na ako kung ano ako."





"I think all of these abstract concepts like 'sexiness' or 'hotness' come from within. You can be the most attractive person [...] but if you’re not happy with yourself, then that’s going to show. Whatever you’ve been dealt with in life, find the beauty in it!"

Said by: Tom Rodriguez

Although we rarely see Tom these days with a shirt on, this guy is actually a self-confessed geek. (He loves drawing and computer programming.) Tom learned to own his inner nerdiness and once he got comfortable in his own skin, the rest just followed.




"You have to find in yourself kung ano ang strengths mo...what makes you special."

Said by: Sarah Geronimo

For Sarah, overcoming insecurities isn't just about being happy with yourself; it's digging deep and focusing on your positive traits.





"You just have to get out of the mentality of feeling sorry for yourself and for your body."

Said by: Georgina Wilson

It might seem hard to believe, but Georgina admits she has plenty of insecurities. In an interview with The Philippine Star, she shared, "I was a fat kid, and once you’re a fat kid, you’ll always feel like a fat kid. Up to this day, whatever I’m wearing, whatever weight I am, my first question is, 'Do I look fat?' There’s not a day that passes without me feeling shitty about my body." With plenty of determination, Georgina got fit with regular exercise, a healthy diet, and a conscious effort to stay positive.




“...[Pay] no mind to what cynics have to say. Celebrate every bit of yourself!”

Said by: Coleen Garcia

In an Instagram post early this year, Pasion de Amor star Coleen encouraged her followers to "never let go of their individuality." She advised, "We’re not supposed to be ‘like everyone else,’ so we shouldn’t strive to be." Amen! 

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