This Heartwarming New Video Is a Feels Trip We Didn't Know We Needed

It'll make you want to be a kid again.


( Remember when life was much…simpler? Ten, or maybe fifteen years ago, our biggest challenges were to color within the lines and sit through five hours of class. The best part of our day was finding a treat in our lunch boxes and being allowed to watch cartoons after school. Life seemed so much easier when we were kids.


So maybe it’s out of necessity, if not just sentiment, that we hold on to things that remind us of those simpler times: the small keepsakes that keep our memories alive so we won’t entirely forget. It could be an old CD, plastic balloons, or an old poster. But it could also be a snack that was, once upon a time, carefully chosen as your baon or merienda by someone you hold dear.


Watch this video until the end to remember the happy memories you had when you were a kid:



Ever found yourself digging into a box of old belongings and realizing that it took you longer than expected to get to the bottom? Taking a trip down memory lane while rummaging through your old stuff is inevitable. You can’t help but remember people, revisit places, and recall old feelings.


It’s okay to look back once in a while and remember all those times you played jackstones with your friends, and wrote the funniest lines on slam books.  Or even those silly moments you blew into video game cartridges, played with action figures or dress-up dolls, and held a contest on who could blow the biggest plastic balloon, or who could run the fastest.


Once upon a time, we obsessed over boy bands, texted without touch screens, and shared packs of Rebisco Sandwich with friends we hoped to keep for life. And it’s okay to reminisce how it was when we were young and carefree, and life wasn’t as complicated. It’s okay to shed a tear, or let out a giggle, when we remember.


Those memories, after all, are part of who we are today. There are things that are not easily buried and forgotten. They are the ones that refuse to be trapped in the past, always aching to be rediscovered. Like a scent of an old book page, they pop out of nowhere and bring back old memories. These are the ones that stand the test of time; the ones that we can never outgrow. We can’t confine memories inside a box, especially the happy ones.

Have a Rebisco Sandwich, and always rediscover those good memories. 


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