WATCH: Enchong Dee Breaks Down His Top 3 Everything

The actor spills the beans on his fave comfort food, dream destinations, and much more.



( Of the many young Filipino showbiz personalities today, few wear as many hats as Enchong Dee. An actor, a budding businessman and franchise owner, and an athlete, Enchong is one busy dude.

It's great that he was able to sneak in this quick Q&A with us into his busy schedule, so enjoy the video and see Enchong open up about his top picks and tips.

Despite juggling all of his projects and passions, Enchong is committed to habits that empower and strengthen the body. And one practice he swears by is taking FERN-C—a sodium ascorbate vitamin supplement that helps boost his immune system and helps him stay protected against illness. Because for a guy as busy as Enchong, making sure he stays healthy is a top priority.

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