10 Things That Happen to Your Hair When You Go Out of Town

Don’t let hair care go on vacation!

(SPOT.ph) While we’ll never turn down a chance to go travelling, there are some things we could really do without: the stress of planning and preparing for a trip, the exhausting hours spent on the road, having to carry heavy luggage everywhere, and about a million other hassles. Everyone’s biggest vacation pet peeve, though? The seemingly endless string of bad hair days: dyness, dullness and frizz! If you haven't used Cream Silk's Triple Expert Rescue yet, then you probably know these hair problems all too well:


Your hair becomes duller

Surprisingly, sunshine =/= shiny hair. It actually has the opposite effect!


And more brittle

All it’ll take is one snap before things start falling to pieces around your. #hairhugot


The weather will either turn it dry as the dessert

In which case you’ll need to find a way to get it moisturized, ASAP.


Or turn it super oily

Imagine: that gross, icky feeling of third-day hair when you’re only halfway through the first.


Any attempts at styling goes out the window

Who can be bothered when it’ll just fall apart, anyway?


And even simple hairstyles seem to be impossible

Nine times out of ten, you completely forget to bring even the most basic hair ties and clips.


The frizz starts creeping out, all subtle-like

Soon enough, people start mistaking your hair for a bush.


And the tangles become completely unmanageable

Your comb is just defective, OK!?


Your split ends seem to want to travel with you

You certainly wish you could split with your split ends—get it?


While the hair you’d rather keep looks ready to go its own way

Hair loss: the worst travel buddy ever.


Make Cream Silk’s Triple Expert Rescue your hair care travel buddy when going out of town. Hair dryness, dullness and frizz? No worries—because this daily treatment conditioner with the power of three expert treatments (hair spa for damage repair, hot oil for softness, and keratin for smoothness and shine) has you covered. A quick and easy fix to damaged hair, this conditioner will leave you with luxurious locks the whole summer through.



Rescue even severely sun-damaged hair with Cream Silk Triple Expert Rescue! And if you won’t take our word for it, just ask world traveler and style icon Kim Jones and celebrity hairstylist Suyen Salazar. The two beauty experts doled out tried-and-true haircare tips and tricks at the How to Do Summer with Kim Jones event held at SM North Edsa last May 4, and both talked at length about the value of protecting your hair while traveling. Their top recommendation for keeping your hair free from damage? Cream Silk’s Triple Expert Rescue.


Cream Silk Triple Expert Rescue is available in four variants—Dry Rescue, Damage Control, Standout Straight, and Hair Fall Defense. It's available in 10ml sachets (P7.50), as well as in 180ml (P140) and 350ml (P259) tubes at all leading department stores, drug stores, and supermarkets nationwide. You can also buy it online at Lazada.


To know more about the Cream Silk Triple Expert Rescue, visit this Facebook page and view the video below.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Cream Silk.
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