10 Things You Can Learn From Watching Kris Aquino's New Web Series, "The Kris List"

Kris Aquino is more relatable than you realize.

(SPOT.ph) Kris Aquino is not called the Queen of All Media for nothing—she’s been in practically everything, from movies to talk shows to commercials. And now she’s decided to take on the cybersphere in true Kris fashion, coming out with tons of videos online and giving us all a peek of her glamorous (and sometimes not-so-glamorous) life. She’s even got a new web series out called The Kris List, which is all about her satisfying her curiosity and experiencing new things.


All this exposure means many of us grew up watching her. And whether she intended to or not, she’s taught us quite a few essential life lessons. Such as:


There’s always room for improvement.

No matter how skillful you think you are already, you can always learn more. When Kris wanted to level up her craft skills, she decided to take on calligraphy, putting in the practice and effort needed to pull of the tricky cursive writing.


Kilay is life.

Kris is definitely #kilaygoals and if there’s one universal truth, it’s that nothing pulls a look together like on-fleek brows. We take this to mean that even if it feels like the apocalypse is dawning, keep your chill at all times. Which brings us to our next lesson…


Always put your best face (and fashion) forward.

Kris color-coordinates her pj’s because she’s determined to look presentable 24/7. So, whether you’re out and about or just enjoying a relaxing staycation, always make the effort to look your best with killer style and a flawless face.


Don’t be afraid to ask help from bes.

Despite being a talented cook in her own right, when Kris wanted to learn how to make laing, she enlisted the aid of a true Bicolano to teach her how to make the spicy dish. So if there’s a topic you’re uncertain about, be humble enough to ask for help.


Hustle with a heart.

Kris is a master multi-tasker who gives it her all in projects and is always on the lookout for more. So catch all them side-hustles and cultivate your passion, fam.


Treat yo’ self.

Kris is unapologetic about her massive collection of anything and everything because she worked her butt off to get them, they didn’t just fall into her lap. So work hard, and treat yo’ self harder.


Unlock new achievements.

You gotta be open to new adventures and bust out of your box. When Bimby wanted to go camping—and we mean sleeping-in-the-middle-of-the-woods-camping—our homegirl stuck through it without any complaints.


Stay woke and speak your mind.

Kris will always tell it as it is. And in a modern era that’s shrouded in low-key fighting and shading, honesty is very much welcome.


Stay classy.

In this fast-paced age of social media, simple mistakes can get blown out of proportion. When you find yourself under fire on the internet (which Kris experiences on the reg), remember to keep things civil no matter what.


Slay with selflessness.

Kris has always been known as someone who gives back to her fans and staff. Whether you want to follow her lead and do giveaway contests online or simply want to share a meal and conversation with a friend in need, be like Kris and stay thoughtful and stay generous.

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