10 People You Meet When Ride-Sharing

They're a varied bunch



Ride-sharing has changed the way we commute. You get the comfort of a chauffeured service and the convenience of a carpool, but at an affordable price. The services also lets you meet interesting people, just like how Grab and Tinder partnered up in a campaign to help passengers meet online influencers last March 24. But whether your ride-sharing companion is social media-famous or not, this mode of transport still allows you to expand your social circle by interacting with different people.

The Talkative Driver
They greet you so warmly it feels like you’ve known each other forever. The traffic is way more bearable with an accommodaitng driver. Sometimes, their playlists alone deserve the 5-star rating.

The New BFF
This person is the personification of “OMG, same!” Whether it’s their taste in clothes or a common topic you coincidentally share, you know that this person is gonna be your friend-soulmate.

The Wallflower
So quiet it feels like you’re actually in the car alone. While interaction with this type is very limited, it totally helps when you’re not in the mood to be chatty.

The Shopaholic
You have to ride shotgun with this type because the backseat is filled with their shopping bags. Usually found after a mall sale, this kind of ride-sharer is wise enough to spend their money on retail therapy instead of expensive fare.

The Sleeper
A variant of the Wallflower, this type finds comfort in the motion of the car. To be fair, you can’t really blame them—traffic sometimes becomes a boon when you can take a quick nap as you crawl through EDSA.

The Lovebirds
You know the type—two people in the backseat who are in the first months of dating, so they can’t help the sweetness from seeping out of their pores. Bitter or not, you can’t deny the power of love when sharing a ride with these two.

The LDR-er
Usually alone with their earphones and non-stop messaging, this type is deeply embroiled in a relationship—whether it’s with a special someone or with work. It's unclear whether they are busy swiping on Tinder or going through work emails, but you'll often notice them occasionally giggling and/or mumbling to themselves.

The Neighbor You Didn’t Know You Have
You get in the car expecting a stranger, but lo and behold! It’s a friend you didn’t know lived near you! The entire car ride becomes an unrestrained chikahan session that rivals local talk shows, where even Manong Driver can't help but be amused.

The Low-Key Karaoke Singer
The playlist is lit, and your co-passenger just can’t help but sing-along. Of course, being in a semi-public place, they still try to stifle belting it out, but only a little. Help them by singing along as well—who cares if you can’t really sing?

Mr./Ms. Crush Material
The moment you get in the car and you see whom you’re riding with, you’ve already thought of the theme for your wedding. You immediately check Tinder, and cross your fingers and toes that you match. Just make sure that when you alight the car, you have all your valuables with you, and by valuables we mean your heart.

Meeting people as adults is said to be difficult but, really, it’s only a matter of going out of your comfort zone and reaching out to people who are already on your radar anyway. With Grab's GrabShare, you not only get an affordable ride, you also meet interesting folks that make life a little more colorful. Grab has been changing the way we commute since it expanded and became the leading ride-hailing platform in Southeast Asia, and its recent partnership with Tinder just made the social aspect of ride-shares become even more interesting. Download both apps today and make your commutes more sociable. 

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Grab.
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