10 Things to Do in the Dark During Earth Hour

Work the disco stick in silence, dine in the dark, do "light painting" and more.

(SPOT.ph) No Internet and no TV-participating in the Earth Hour (even if it’s just, well, an hour) can be boring unless you plan to sleep (alone or with someone) through it. But you don’t have to suffer in order to be eco-friendly. Here are 10 cool things you can do in the dark:


1. Go for Old School illumination. Finally, you’ll get to use those candles that you got as gifts. Set up candlelit cocktail parties or have an intimate dinner with your significant other. Just don’t light up all sorts of scented candles at the same time. Your house will smell like potpourri gone wrong.


Silent disco at Amsterdam in August 2009


2. Have a soundless dance fest. Stage a silent disco by having your friends come over with their mp3 players. Each of you can listen to your own music and wiggle around without being accused of noise pollution.



3. Camera, lights, action. Create funky artwork through "light painting." Set your camera to long exposure and design effects by using candlelight or other light sources. For more camera tricks, watch the tutorial video below.


Night Guide explores eating in the dark.


4. Dine in pitch-black darkness. Being sightless heightens your sense of taste and smell, promising a whole new eating experience. Keep things safe and wreck-free by using unbreakable utensils like cornstarch-made plates or by just eating off banana leaves with your bare hands.


5. Walk around the house nude. You know you’ve always wanted to do it and it’s the safest time of the year to do so. You can walk on the wild side without anyone else knowing.



6. Seek and you might find. You’re never too old to play hide and seek. What better time to do so when (hopefully) the entire city is your dark playground?


7. Spin the bottle, er, flashlight. Again, you’re never too old to play this game. Have fun fumbling and stumbling in the dark as you kiss your way through the Earth Hour.


8. It’s show time. Ditch the karaoke effects and prove you’ve got talent by singing acapella with your friends. You can also play singing games like the one where you think of lyrics that start with the last word that the person before you sang. Just be considerate of others’ eardrums and boot out those that can’t make it work.


9. Are you afraid of the dark? Share ghost stories with the flashlight on your face like you used to as a kid. For a spookier hour, go ghost hunting.


10. Pamper yourself. Have the ultimate home spa treatment: Wash, soak, scrub, exfoliate, moisturize and deep condition by the candlelight. You’ll glow by the end of the hour.

Read "Earth Hour Events: Beyond switching the lights off."

Artwork (homepage) by Warren Espejo.

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