Mel Gibson Rant Rage Tapes: Doctored or Authentic?

"Top forensic experts" are said to have issued statements questioning the authenticity of the Mel Gibson rant rage tapes provided by Gibson’s ex-girlfriend, Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva, reports The site says that Arlo West, CEO of Creative Forensic Services claims that the recorded phone conversations between Gibson and Grigorieva have been tampered with.

"These copies were professionally made for distribution. Their quality is extraordinary...I would be willing to bet that someone with a background in recording these types of messages helped Oksana do so to entrap Gibson. I would also expect that a person or persons also helped her edit the recordings," West told Another forensic expert, Frank Piazza, allegedly supported West’s claim. West did not confirm though if it was indeed Gibson’s voice on the recordings. released the recordings starting July 9. As of press time, there are five recordings over the Internet. The audio recordings allegedly feature the actor in rage, hurling abusive threats to Grigorieva, Gibson’s former lover and mother to his 8-month old daughter Lucia.

After the release of the tapes, Grigorieva showed the media a photo of herself with broken two front teeth. Grigorieva claimed Gibson "had knocked out her teeth during a bust-up," reports However, her dentist, Dr. Ross Shelden gave a conflicting statement. Grigorieva told the Sheriff’s deputies that Gibson struck her twice in the mouth, knocking out her one tooth and chipping the other, while Dr. Shelden said dental evidence showed no sign that she was struck in the mouth, reports However, in a more recent report from, Dr. Sheldan said through a representative that based on observations, Grigorieva was indeed struck in the mouth by Gibson.


However, Grigorieva’s representative Stephen Jaffe told that Gibson’s camp is trying to vilify his client: "While Mr. Gibson’s camp has floated a variety of false claims in the press to try to distract the public from the true facts at hand, it is telling that his camp has not once denied that it is Mr. Gibson’s voice on the published recordings." Jaffe adds, "It is common in such cases for those who perpetrate domestic violence to vilify the victim of that domestic violence. One would hope that those who are close to Mr. Gibson would take a more constructive approach."

Gibson’s camp, however, has been quiet about the issue. He has recently been granted retention of visitation rights by the court after his ex-wife Robyn Gibson testified under oath saying the actor never abused her or their kids during their 28-year marriage, reports According to, Grigorieva is said to have signed a $15 million package (including child support, a house and other assets) during a child custody mediation last May, supposedly "on the condition that all ’evidenceassociated with the case remain confidential." But says she rejected the deal after refusing to sign a longer form of agreement, "claiming she felt coerced."

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