Activist calls for boycott of Vicki Belo over Charice’s Botox

Following the Botox and Thermage procedures administered on Charice Pempengco by Dr. Vicki Belo, activist and lawyer Argee Guevarra called for a nationwide boycott of all Belo Medical Clinics, Flawless Clinics and Belo beauty products, reports Guevarra said, "All Filipinos should be outraged at Belo’s medical irresponsibility after she recommended a Thermage (procedure) to Miss Charice Pempengco... that her naturally round face is not acceptable to the world. This is the height of Dr. Belo’s blatant insult to the Filipinos who have been struggling to fight discrimination here and abroad."

Calling the Botox and Thermage procedures "medical quackery at its ugliest," Guevarra said, "Dr. Belo is neither a duly certified surgeon recognized by the Philippine College of Surgeons nor a duly certified member of the Philippine Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons. Heck, Belo is not even a member of the Philippine Dermatological Society. So, what business does she have pontificating on anything that has to do with plastic surgery procedures?"

Guevarra said he will ask Congress to "appropriately regulate" cosmetic surgeons. "I also call on the Philippine Regulations Commission through the Board of Medicine to strictly enforce its Code of Ethics which Dr. Belo flouts with utmost impunity."

In a statement, the Belo Medical Group denied Guevarra’s allegations. "The Belo companies, including their doctors, strictly comply with all government-issued rules and regulations. As an example of the falsity of Atty. Guevarra’s claims, it only shows how ignorant he is to call Botox a plastic surgery procedure, when it’s just a non-invasive injection." The statement continued: "Being a lawyer, Atty. Guevarra should know that if he has legitimate grievances, then he must air them in the appropriate forum rather than through the media."

The Belo Medical Group also listed Belo’s affiliations: American Academy of Dermatology, American Society of Dermatologic Surgery, International Society of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons and American Society of Lipoplastic Surgery.


Saksi report aired in 2009: Belo Medical Group files libel case against Argee Guevarra.

The group said they will file civil and criminal charges against Guevarra, who is currently facing libel charges for a different matter involving Belo. Last year, he called for a boycott of the Belo Medical Group for allegedly botching the buttock augmentation procedure administered by one of their doctors on Josie Norcio, who sought Guevarra for legal counsel, according to According to the report, he posted Facebook status updates in July 2009, calling Belo "Reyna ng Kaplastikan (Queen of Fakery)" and referring to her clinic as a "Frankenstein factory."

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