Tweets of the Week: Kim Atienza, Kris Aquino + more

Kim Atienza tweets stroke trivia from his hospital bed, Kris Aquino spills heart matters, Cassandra Monteriod goes international + more

Kim Atienza

Kim Atienza, TV host, on his recent stroke:
- thank you so very much for praying for me. i’ll be staying for a while in ICU but will be out in a week or two. this is my 1st tweet.
- trivia : there are 2 kinds of strokes. 1 is hemorhagic or bleeding in the brain and 1 is ischemic or blockages in the brain. good morning!
- trivia: what i had was ischemic caused by deposits that blocked my left brain which caused problems in the right side of my body and speech.
- trivia: ischemic is from the greek word "ischaimos" which means "stopping of the blood"
- Felicia my wife has been with me through all this. I love you feli! (photo 1, photo 2)
- Good am! my 1st day out of ICU, more tests and I think I’ll be home in a week. Thanks lord for this stroke, thanks lord for this new life!
my whole family slept here last night! thank you lord for this stroke,thank you lord for my family, thank you lord for life! (photo)
- Stroke lesson 1: I learned that God has given me so much that I had to have a stroke to realize these gifts. thank you lord for life!


Kris Aquino, TV host and actress:
- I read this & need to reply- True love doesn’t have a happy ending, because true love never ends. Letting go is one way of saying I love you. - Anon- I agree that true love doesn’t have a happy ending because it never ends, saw that sa Mom ko for my dad. I also agree letting go is 1 way of saying u love the person, y? Because u admit that either u r unhappy, u r making the other person unhappy, or u r both unhappy. And u love yourself & ur ex enough to see that & u wish him & yourself better than misery- u both deserve a chance to live again. Good night.
- Parang ang dami nyong heartbroken too... Yes, I admit even if I’ve had time to accept it, I am heartbroken. I read that the saddest thing in the world is loving some1 who used to love u. What’s really sad for me is knowing that u can never re-live the moments when u 1st fell in love w/ each other, because so much happened to both of u that u lost the reason to keep loving. W/ that, good night, baka mag iyakan lang tayo.
- In my heart I know that I can & will do everything to spare my sons from pain. I truly want my sons to grow up comfortable & well guided. I know I wasn’t a great wife, but I know I’m a loving & 100% responsible mom. Made sure that my 2 boys r swimming now para walang mapanuod sa tv.

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Cassandra Monteriod a.k.a. radio DJ and TV host, KC Montero:
- Leonardo Dicaprio visited me earlier. He brought me flowers.. I traded them in for GC’s to Outback Steak house.
- Some lady said, "Hi Cassandra, you are more beautiful in person." I said, "who are you old lady? they kept calling her Queen Elizabeth.

Jeff Canoy, TV reporter:
- minsan kung alam mo na ang susi sa tagumpay, biglang pinapalitan ang kandado. kaya’t kailangang matutong mag-akyat bahay.
- dalawang bagay lang ang natutunan ko sa math: ang quadratic equation. at ang konsepto na ang lahat ng problema, may solusyon.

Mo Twister, radio DJ and TV host:
- why the heck is my facial hair growing at such an alarming rate? is it an "old wise man" thing? i have to shave twice a day, damet.
- can somebody please tweet me Amanda Seyfried’s cellphone number? Thanks, I appreciate it.
- shit, 105k peso cellphone bill for me. Even a Steve Jobs would cringe at P2 thousand dollar cell bill.

Bianca King, actress:
- i believe medyo kasalanan ng DJs kung bakit humina ang airplay ng OPM songs, hence, the local music industry in general.
- playing foreign songs more often than OPM only lessens the strength of our market. yey for OPM! sana makinig ang DJs sa mandate.
- there are some pa-cool DJs who dont accept requests for OPM because di daw yun ang format ng show nila. well...
- tulungan nyo nang buhayin ang industriya. wala nang arte arte =) araw-araw ako nakikinig ng radyo kaya mag-OPM na!


Pepe Diokno, writer and filmmaker:
- gotta say, the dancing in step up 3 is pretty awesome. film sucks, dancing awesome
- Hey if we kept a file on pork barrel--officially the Priority Dev’t Assistance Fund (PDAF)--it’d be called the PDAF-file. PDAF-file! Lol.

James Jimenez, Comelec Spokesperson:
Hindi ko kamukha si Noel Cabangon! LOL

Drew Arellano, TV host:
- Redefining "Ang laki naman ng bahay mo" Some guy sleeping under the railings of the shaw flyover. (photo)

Tuesday Vargas, comedienne:
- SOBRA TALAGA AKO. Sobrang galing, sobrang ganda at sobrang bait. kaya sobra kung magalit lahat ng may kakulangan. CHOZ
- mahal ko pa din si Tita Cristy.Maybe she is just concerned about my career. point ko lang, It’s not in my character to just be a wall flower
- tinuruan ako ng magulang ko na gumalang sa kapwa, bakit ko babastusin ang mga ka trabaho ko sa pananapaw? ngayon pa ba ako magsisimula?


Artwork by Warren Espejo. Photo from, courtesy of ABS-CBN.

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