First death anniversary of slain film critics Alexis Tioseco and Nika Bohinc to be commemorated by family, friends; case still unsolved

To mark the first death anniversary of slain couple Alexis Tioseco and Nika Bohinc, both film critics, their friends and family will gather at their home on Times Street in Quezon City on September 1, according to Tweets posted by their friend and Rock Ed founder Gang Badoy. To be held tonight are a candle and prayer ceremony, a reading of the Tioseco family’s statement, and a film screening of Kung Mangarap Ka’t Magising by Mike de Leon, whom Tioseco admired.

Exactly a year ago, Tioseco, who was Filipino-Canadian and Bohinc, who was Slovenian, were shot dead for still unknown reasons inside their house on Times Street. Police has said that the couple was gunned down by three men, whom their new helper Criselda Gesman Dayag let inside the house, according to an report published last year.

The police later put the blame on Danilo Jomoc Sr., an employee of the Tioseco family, who had known the late Tioseco since he was a teenager, said horror writer Yvette Tan in her blog. Tan wrote, "Jomoc was thrown in jail and ironically, it was Alexis’ friends and family who rallied to get him out. The police were incensed, upset that the case could not be closed so easily. ’Aren’t you happy that someone is in jail?’ they implied. Not if it’s the wrong guy."

Tan’s blog entry is one of many write-ups about the late couple seen recently on social networking sites, and newspaper and magazine columns. Uno Editor-in-Chief Erwin Romulo wrote, "All I know is that it wasn’t a robbery and that the authorities have not done a proper investigation. I should know. Along with the Tioseco family, I’ve met too many police officials, bureaucrats, investigators, lawyers, politicians, psychics and inept people named Agnes to say otherwise."

"Because there were men who thought (Jomoc) had the face of a killer, the real killers walk in the open one year later," Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Patricia Evangelista wrote.


ANC Storyline’s Alexis and Nika: A love story

"September 1, 2010. Has it really been a year, Alexis?" Badoy Tweeted. "Last text from (+) Alexis: 31Aug2009 ’Thanks for having us over, esp for the talk after dinner. Always a pleasure, Gang. See u Thursday.’"

Filmmaker Quark Henares posted on Twitter as well: "there hasn’t been a day in the past year that i haven’t thought of you both... and the only reason i want to believe in an afterlife is because it comforts me to think of you two happy and together, wherever you are."

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