Tweets of the Week: Bianca Gonzalez, Angel Locsin + more

Bianca Gonzalez talks about friendship in the world of showbiz, Angel Locsin says no to the <em>"pakiusap"</em> system + more

Mariel Rodriguez, Bianca Gonzalez, and Toni Gonzaga

Bianca Gonzalez, TV host, Tweets about friendship in the heat of the Mariel Rodriguez-Toni Gonzaga rift:
- what. a. week. this. has. been. so much emotions. so many things happening.
- let it be known that i love my friends toni, mariel, and luis so, so, so much.
- i work in the business of showbiz news but right now its so hard for me to watch showbiz news. so this is what it feels like.
- aaw, i am overwhelmed with all your tweets saying how much you think friendship will prevail. :) i also believe it will. thank you. :)
- i would like to say though that sympathy and care for one side is very, very different from harassing and bad mouthing the other.

Angel Locsin, actress:
- ang problema satin minsan, nasanay tayo sa "PAKIUSAP" system. Sana sumunod na lang tayo sa "TAMANG SYSTEM" para iwas hassle:) RESPETO kapatid
- Namimiss ko yung araw na ang 1 + 1 ay 2.. Simple at hindi komplikado☺ pero minsan masaya rin naman pag kagulo, prang trigo or physics lang :)

Jim Paredes, singer and songwriter:
- Pro argument: If jueteng is legalized, mayors can get their social fund from there. No stealing for binyag, burol, tution..
- Jueteng has been around forever and it will not end. Might as well legalize it like alcohol, smoking etc..
- Factoid: In Amsterdam, it is legal for women to engage in prostitution but pimping is illegal since it is a form of slavery.

Drew Arellano, TV host and triathlete, on missing his live tattoo session:
- Award-winning Int’l tattoo artist Chris Garcia will be inking my forearm live on Unang Hirit tomorrow. Still have no design. Any ideas?
- Guess I won’t be getting a tat live on the show today. When I woke up, got burning fever and river of blood spewing from my nose.
- So I’ve been communicating with my sister doctor from the US. With my results, she goes "sus! La Yan! Drink beer, pick ur nose and have sex"
- GOOD NEWS: I’m confined! why is that good? Coz im confined here at St.Luke’s HOTEL este, Hospital! My room has a LAZY BOY! how cool is that?

Maria Ressa, TV journalist:
- Languages access different parts of you. I can feel slight shifting inside as I struggle to communicate in bahasa Indonesia.
- Love technology! Can procrastinate on twitter in the middle of nowhere while waiting for ideas because of wi-fi & 3G.

Pepe Diokno, writer and filmmaker:
- Never create a culture where victory is ideal. Beware of a culture where failure is OK. Emphasize the process rather thn the outcome.
- A list of priorities is never sequential. Do what’s doable as soon as its doable.

Ces Drilon, TV journalist:
- If there is one arena where the Phils has been a model n the int’l setting, it is in in intercountry adoption. The Asso of Child Caring Agencies of the Phils has been in partnership w/ the DSWD for the past 16 yrs. & the Intercountry adoption board for d past 12 yrs. They’re one of our guests on The#Rundown tonight.

Mo Twister, radio DJ and TV host:
- there isn’t a middle finger big enough to give hypocritical Christians. We are all sinners but the worst of you are the pretenders. F.U.
- im too old to be excited bout my bday yet,i still do. its 1 month away exactly, thinking of spending that weekend in amsterdam so i can sin.

Gabe Mercado, comedian:
- Just so you know, yes, overthinking is not exclusive to women.
- And today I learned that in Salsa, the man must ask the girl to dance and she must follow wherever he leads her.

Mich Dulce, designer and singer:
- Could these people be any skinnier?? There is free pizza here in shoreditch house. Can you please eat, bitches???
- If more guys chose style over beauty then wagi talaga ang life. yun lang po. Good night for real x




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