Tweets of the Week: Ruffa Gutierrez, Solenn Heussaff, Mark Salling + more

Boracay Special: Ruffa Tweets Willie’s yacht pic, Solenn’s photo album, Puck shares his trip’s highlight, and more!

Ruffa Gutierrez


Ruffa Gutierrez, actress and TV host:
- Spotted!! Willing Willie in BORACAY!
Looking at pics of my little girls on my camera while having dinner. Gosh...they aren’t so little anymore! I wanna cry! Time flies! :( sniff
GOODBYE BORACAY!! WE WILL MISS U! See u in the summer! PS. Venice has tears rolling down her pretty cheeks :(
Manila, Manila! Upon arrival Lorin asks..."Who’s Ninoy Aquino?" After explaining a bit of Philippine history, I ended with "He’s a hero." She then blurts out "How is Ninoy a hero? How many people did he save?" After giving her more info...inquisitive Lorin then asks, "Is Tita Kris running for Senator??". Nakakaloka si Lorin. I told her, "Ask Lolo Lorini" we pulled up our driveway.
- My curious little girls want to know everything under the sun so I must have a ready & correct answer for them all the time. ☑

Karen Davila, news anchor:
RT @harold_geronimo Ohhhhh..@Spotdotph spots Willie and Shalani together in Boracay. For u to judge based on the photo

Solenn Heussaff, model and TV personality:
- All the gals :) eating erwans food soon!! :)
Starters. Erwan is the best cook!!
Chillin in bora :}
@mark_salling nice meeting you guys,mango rhums next year! *wink*- sos

Mark Salling, "Puck" of Glee:
- - Thanks Philippines for being so rad, 1 highlight. A woman in the airport said to ask her daughter who I was. I died.

Phil Younghusband, player for the Philippine National Football Team (Azkals):
- @IamYoungWife I have no crush but I think Iza calzado is pretty. I think Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera are also pretty. And many others.
Sorry Indonesia did not win the cup. Thanks for making my goal against Vietnam 2nd in top moments in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010.

Kris Aquino, actress and TV host:
Frequently asked questions & answers: Am I dating? NO. Am I ready? Not yet. Am I happy being single? YES!
What am I looking for in a man? I want somebody dependable, stable, reliable, trustworthy & lovable.
What will I be in my next relationship? Caring, patient, kind hearted, supportive & easy to get along with.
What’s on my 2011 wish list? Eat Pray Love, krisy version. Eat in Italy. Pray in France of the Holy Land. Love in Bali, maybe in Chiangmai, or maybe just in my neighborhood.
- My goals: to have 2 rental properties for my kids, regular tithing for the charities being supported by my friend Fr. Jun, a makeup line all my own, being healthy, becoming an even better cook!
- My wish for our country: increased tourism=more jobs, less need to work abroad. Confidence in our leaders. Optimism about our country’s present & future. Better air quality sa Metro Manila- ang bongga ng air sa probinsya!


Saab Magalona, actress and blogger:
- Last night some guy came up to me, didn’t even say hi, he just said "I’ll tweet you" then walked away! Hahaha!!
Last night some girl hit my face w her beer bottle by accident. Still hurts til now! Haha! Happy new year!

Jericho Rosales, actor and TV host:
Ok,mau naka-eye 2 eye ako na girl.. But she was picking her nose. Hahahaha! LOLatPagulong-gulongAkoInside!!! Rakenrol! Solid yun.

Sarah Meier-Albano, host:
Warning: Vent Tweet. I’ve been a professional in this industry since I was 15. You couldn’t cross me then, please don’t try me now.
Kaya naiiwan ang Pilipinas. Please people, demand excellence. Complacency is killing talent, potential and creativity.

Kim Atienza, TV host:
twought: Ang bilis ng buhay, kahapon, hi school lang ako, ngayon stroke survivor na! bukas dead na! live life now!
rabbit is domesticated, hare is wild. bunny is a sexy girl in a magazine. waley RT @dettieclaire difference between rabbit, bunny, and hare.
hmmm good question. may bowtie di ba? di na wild, domesticated na. rabbit siya. RT @dartwint yung logo ba ng playboy..rabbit or hare?

Gang Badoy, Rock Ed Philippines founder:
Okay, here’s the rule for 2011, my friends - everyone, please stay alive. Okay, cool. Thanks. #sotiredofgrief
2012 na next year. Dust off that Mayan calendar bucket list. :P

Artwork by Warren Espejo. Photo from Ruffa Gutierrez’s Plixi account.

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