DOJ panel confirms methane gas caused 2007 Glorietta blast, not bomb

A fact-finding panel of the Department of Justice (DOJ) said a methane gas buildup--not a bomb--caused the Glorietta blast in October 2007, reports The panel’s report, which they submitted to the DOJ on Wednesday, confirmed the findings of the panel that investigated the explosion in 2008.

The DOJ panel said biogas-a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide-and other volatile compounds accumulated in the Glorietta basement because only one of the five drainage pumps was functioning from June to September 2007. There was also a lack of ventilation and exhaust system, according to

Retired Col. Allan Sollano of the Philippine Army’s Explosives Ordnance Division previously said an improvised explosives device (IED) or a bomb caused the explosion. The DOJ panel said this claim is "not worthy of credence." They said IED components such as a power source, an initiator and explosives were not recovered at the site. The seat of explosion and a diesel tank identified as the origin of the blast also tested negative for explosives, according to the panel.

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