Photographer Raymund Isaac denies Photoshopping Sharon Cuneta’s Marie France ad

Photographer Raymund Isaac, who shot Sharon Cuneta’s controversial Marie France advertisement, has denied "doing major Photoshop work" on Cuneta’s photo.

In his Philippine Daily Inquirer column yesterday, Isaac said, "Truth be told, the only Photoshop done was to clean up unwanted elements in the photograph that would distract the viewer." He said he applied the same technique on another billboard of Cuneta that he shot for a Zen Zest perfume line which also "raised eyebrows for allegedly being overly Photoshopped."

On the Marie France photo, Isaac said, "If I had wanted to seriously Photoshop the image, trust me-I would have done more. But in this day and age of digital photography, we seldom see an image that is 1) real, 2) has proper lighting, and 3) has no need for major Photoshop."

He added, "I am not against digital photography or Photoshop, but it appears that Photoshop rules the field of photography in this country. Photography is not Photoshop, and Photoshop is not photography. Photoshop is merely a tool of photography."

Isaac said the Advertising Standard Council’s approval to put up the Marie France advertisements is "proof that the claims are factual." He added, "Will anyone out there claim otherwise? Apparently not. As of this writing, no one has filed a formal complaint against the billboard."

He also said that he was "neither paid nor coerced to write (the column) to defend the company or Sharon." He said, "I found it fitting that people hear both sides of the story and decide for themselves whether or not the image in question merits so much attention."


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