UST professor admits giving students extra credit for posting anti-RH Bill comments on Akbayan Facebook page

Theology Professor Aguedo Florence Jalin Jr. of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) has admitted to giving students bonus points for posting comments against the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill on the Facebook page of Akbayan party list, reports GMA News.

Jalin told GMA News on Tuesday that he was prompted to do so after hearing news of the RH Bill activity in the House of Representatives. "When I heard that, I started thinking: How will I help the Church?"

The pro-RH Bill group Akbayan told GMA News on Monday that they noticed "troll messages" against the RH Bill and their February 14 condom distribution posted on their Facebook page a few days after Valentine’s Day. Akbayan Youth Secretary General Cheann Matriz said most of the messages were from UST students who wrote their full names, courses and school.

"They (Akbayan) have a line there that says comments and opinions are welcome. So that’s what we did," Jalin told GMA News. "I call it an online parliamentary."

According to GMA News, Jalin said he and his students were merely echoing the pastoral letter of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) entitled "Securing our Moral Heritage: Towards a Moral Society." In the letter, CBCP President Nereo Odchimar said, "A contraceptive-oriented population control program is not the moral way."

In response to Akbayan inviting anti-RH Bill professors to a debate, Jalin told GMA News, "Debate, as you and I fully know, showcases arrogance more than clarity of the issue."

According to GMA News, Jalin used to take his students to street rallies for the Church and social issues. He took them to EDSA Dos in 2001.


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