Rep. Ronald Singson sentenced to 18 months in prison, Chavit says son will resign

Unang Hirit report


Ilocos Sur Rep. Ronald Singson was sentenced yesterday to 18 months in prison for drug trafficking in Hong Kong, reports

The Hong Kong court penalized him with one year and four months in jail for bringing 6.67 grams of cocaine to the territory last year, plus two more months for the two tablets of the narcotic Nitrazepam he was also caught with. reports that Singson should have been sentenced to two years and six months in prison. However, Wan Chai District Court Judge Joseph Yau said he decided to give a "discount" due to Singson’s guilty plea, "positive character," clean criminal record and post as House representative.

Yau said, "Although the defendant did not intend to sell, it’s the view of the court that the cocaine might fall into the hands of other people. The risk is a substantial one. This is a factor that the court will have to consider in determining the sentence."

"(Singson) has virtually everything that every man would want to have... Being an educated man, he should know very well the harm of illegal drugs and should have sought treatment immediately instead of using the drugs for self-medication," quoted Yau. "It is sad to see a man of the defendant’s background fall from grace."

Singson’s father, Ilocos Sur Gov. Chavit Singson, told that the convicted congressman is planning on resigning from the House. "He had long thought of resigning. We are just readying the documents needed."

He added, "Nobody is above the law... We feel bad about it but it's expected. I don’t know what the lawyers will do but to me, it’s better not to appeal it."


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