Columnist Carmen Pedrosa falls for satirical blog entry by the Mosquito Press calling Pinoys "world’s most gullible race"

( In an article on the gullibility of Filipinos, The Philippine Star columnist Carmen N. Pedrosa unwittingly cited fake statistics from the satirical blog Mosquito Press, reports GMA News Online.

In her March 26 column, Pedrosa cited a bogus Harvard University study that ranked Filipinos as "the first among ’the world’s most gullible races.’"

"This is a serious allegation we should not ignore," Pedrosa wrote. She said the Mosquito Press "may seem like a trivial source but according to the authors, the study involved ’content analyses of over 500,000 historical documents from 300 different societies.’ So we better take it seriously."

She added, "We are gullible because we are not able (to) or do not question information. We prefer to believe what other persons tell us."

In her column the next day, Pedrosa said the non-existence of the study is "less the point than whether it is true that Filipinos are gullible most of the time." She added, "The Mosquito Press has thought of a clever way to teach Filipinos not to be gullible so I put it up as the title of my column yesterday."

However, "she did not merely ’put it up as the title,’" said Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist John Nery. "She embraced the very notion (absurd on its face) that a study can determine ’the most gullible people in the world.’"

Nery added, "Pedrosa’s display of profound gullibility last Saturday and her dishonest rejoinder on Sunday are destined to become classics of opinion-page idiocy, to be used as cautionary examples in journalism classrooms and ridiculed in media e-groups and on online social networks."

Meanwhile, the Mosquito Press, which states in its FAQ page that it is a satirical publication, posted a screen capture of Pedrosa’s first column the day it came out and entitled the photo "When journalists fact-check."

For more on this story, log on to GMA News Online, and the Mosquito Press.

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