Archbishop Oscar Cruz: "Just call the RH Bill Sex Bill 4244’...its end products are promiscuity, insensibility, amorality"

( Retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz has deemed the Reproductive Health Bill "Sex Bill 4244," a term he feels is more appropriate for the bill’s anti-reproduction and anti-parenting undertones, reports Bombo Radyo Philippines.


According to an article he wrote on May 20 for Newsbreak , Cruz believes that under the guise of concern for children’s welfare hides a Sex Bill that promotes sex addiction and invites extra- and pre-marital sexual consummation. "This is its fundamental tripod: Sex. Safe Sex. Sexual Methods," said Cruz. "T he conclusion is then elementary: It is the ’Sex Bill 4244’ in plain and elementary language."


Cruz also said that the bill’s tendency to free people from accountability and responsibility leads up to three end products-promiscuity, insensibility and amorality-where sex becomes separate from the human person.


"It guarantees copulative delight without fear or worry," wrote Cruz, adding that it induces a careless attitude that could draw "lovers to premarital relationships" or young people to sexual acts. Good manners and right conduct about human sexuality are rendered irrelevant, he continued. "The supreme law of life is sexual delight."


According to Cruz, the bill promotes the message to just enjoy sex unconscientiously. "Try any and all sex methods that give the greatest sexual pleasure. Ethics? What is that?"


As for addressing concerns of overpopulation, Cruz told Bombo Radyo that the solution to food shortage is to add more food and not to decrease the number of people in need of it. As for poverty, he pins the responsibility on the government.  The answer is "kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap," he said, and not "kung walang ipinanganak, walang mahirap."



For more on this story, log on to Newsbreak and Bombo Radyo.

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